Your $ Earning potenital is limited by YOU

The basic formula in teaching is this.

Your ability x number of students x cost per student.

In other words the more effective you are at group teaching the more you will earn. Private tuition is the first option of an inexperienced teacher. The reason being is if they make a mistake it it will not be multiplied. But the same applies to their income. Think of it like performance. If you are afraid or lack confidence you won’t want to play in front of crowd. So you might play for a friend or a relative. If you continue to do this you won’t be selling many records.

So here is what you do….

Take a leap of faith. You basically need to take a few risks and learn how to deal with students of varying levels and interests. It is all about gaining confidence and experience. Again much the same as playing on stage in a band. You have to own that stage. In this case you have to own that class room. Don’t try to please everyone. Just make decisions and go with them and LEARN. “Johnny I want you to join William on Mondays at 4pm. See you there”.

If you think this is difficult you are WRONG. Every single school teacher, band leader, football coach etc. works with groups of students. We are not asking the impossible here. If you need some words of wisdom talk to Emma. She teaches 30+ kids at once on all different instruments in a school band every week. We have got it easy…

Jump in, get wet and avoid the excuses. Procrastination is the opposite to success. As guitarists there is no better job. Even rock stars have to make large groups of people happy every night. Trust me there is very little difference between a successful performer and a successful teacher. It is largely about confidence and experience.

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