How to earn more and work less teaching guitar

If you want to earn more and work less teaching guitar the answer is simple. Teach in groups. While grouping does means you can earn more money and teach less hours you still need to be effective but once you know how to group teach its actually been shown to be more beneficial for the students compared with private lessons. Students learn faster and stay longer when they learn in groups plus they are more likely to practice more.

How to recommend group to your students

When recommending groups to students tell them that you have their best interests in mind and that they will actually progress much quicker in a group scenario. Many students will be shy at first but ease them into the group and reassure them that it will be fun. If they are really unsure ask them to come along and just observe a group lesson.

Forming your groups

To enable effective grouping categorise students into the following groups: A’s – Fast learners who are highly motivated to learn the guitar and will progress through the method quickly B’s – Average moderate pace learners, they are keen to learn but take longer to progress through the method. This is the majority of our students. C’s – Very slow learners. This will help you to organise suitable groups. I can also assist you with the grouping once you have done this. From my experience A’s and B’s can work well together in a group scenarios. The A’s can be an inspiration for the B’s. It’s good to highlight who your C’s are. We can have a look at these students to see if it’s a motivation problem or if they are just naturally slower learners. I find B’s and C’s can work together but A’s and C’s can be a stretch. Remember you also want to consider age when grouping. Putting adults with teenagers is not appropriate.

 Group teacher training
If you want to learn more about teaching in groups we include a whole section plus several audio recordings that will walk you through the process and give you the knowledge and confidence to teach in groups on our training website.

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