Creating consistent students who turn up every week

A missed lesson means inconsistency so it’s important to explain to your students that missing lessons effects their progress especially long term. For example there are 12 weeks of school holidays in a year plus public holidays. Add to this sick days or days where a student can’t be at their lesson due to a school exertion, exam etc and all up they may end up only attending 60% of the year. Over a 3 year period they will fall behind by a full year. This is a serious problem because falling behind also means a loss of confidence as they see students who are consistent each week moving further and further ahead. Successful teachers focus first and foremost on consistency. So here are a few suggestions;
My Top 5 ways to keep students turning up every week.


  1. Talk consistency – Whenever the topic of missed lessons arises explain to your students the importance of consistency.
  2.  Give them a preview of whats coming up next week. Build the anticipation. Notice the TV stations say ‘Don’t go away coming after the break will be……!
  3. Time okay? – If they are away 2 lessons out of 10 ask them if this time really suits them or would another time be better.
  4. Talk about next lesson – Talk about looking forward to seeing what they have done next week. E.g.”I would like to see you perform this song NEXT week.”
  5. Make every lesson important. If they are going to be away next week say ‘Wow that’s a shame. No doubt its something very important?’ Make it a BIG DEAL!


Remember – By making your student’s lessons important to you they will begin to make it important to them. Students want you to keep them committed. They come to you because they need someone to keep them on track…Don’t disappoint them by being a pushover…
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