Why confidence matters in teaching guitar

ConfidenceEach week I take my 4yo daughter to different activities. E.g. Kindy & swimming. Collectively she has had 5 different teachers that I have met and seen in action. 2 of the teachers stand out as very experienced. The other 3 teachers are good but not of the same level. With the 2 standout teachers I have no hesitation in paying the fees. With the other 3 teachers my wife and I question whether we should look around. What is happening here is our daughter has 2 outstanding teachers so this is now the standard we look for. Anything less and we begin to question the value. So what is the difference with the 2 outstanding teachers? Confidence of course. I don’t actually even know if they are any better at what they do because only long term results will reveal that but they are confident. They appear to be clear about what they are teaching. They are not trying to convince or sell me on what they teach. As teachers we know what we are teaching much better than our students and parents so its important to project this. You should be confident about what you do because if you are not your students will begin to doubt you. Hope that makes sense.

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