Collaborative Learning Enhances Critical Thinking

I spent years teaching students guitar individually and during those years I would have happily debated anyone who argued that a group was better than a private lesson. I initially started doing adult beginner groups so I could offer a lower price for those adults who typically would teach themselves. The groups were a big success but what surprised me most were the results. Students were more motivated, practiced more (to keep up) and seem genuinely more engaged. What’s more they often became good friends and there was this sense of camaraderie. Now that was over a decade ago and I have now found lots of research that backs up my own findings. They even have a term for it called ‘Collaborative learning’.

Here is a quote from a paper in the University Libraries.

“After conducting a statistical analysis on the test scores, it was found that students who participated in collaborative learning had performed significantly better on the critical- thinking test than students who studied individually. It was also found that both groups did equally well on the drill- and- practice test. This result is in agreement with the learning theories proposed by proponents of collaborative learning.


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