How do I get children to focus in class?

Children respond to the tone YOU set in your class. Think of your class as a culture. If you were to travel to Japan for example you must take off your shoes whenever you enter someone’s house. There is no exception or excuse to do otherwise. In Singapore if you throw rubbish on the street you will be arrested. In every culture there are rules that govern a society. Your classroom’s culture is set by you. So what should that culture be?

You only need 2 rules

The culture especially for children must be one that gets them to focus on learning guitar. You must set a tone and be clear about what is acceptable v what in not acceptable in your classroom. Firstly you must implement the two rules of any guitar class. 1. Only play what and when I ask you to. 2. If you wish to ask a question or make a comment please raise your hand. These two rule set the stage for a class that students can learn in.The importance of consistency
But here is the critical part. YOU MUST BE CONSISTENT AND ENFORCE THE TWO RULES AT ALL TIMES. If you enforce them only some of the time students will get confused. They will not know what is acceptable and what is not. So remember YOU SET THE TONE. Don’t ever blame your students if YOU are not in control of your classroom.

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