This benefits every teacher on the network

Below are some extracts from recent testimonials.  I think its very exciting because from what I am reading you guys are all doing an amazing job and therefore spreading the word that G4 Guitar teachers are a cut above. These testimonials also mention the G4 Guitar Method which is fantastic because this benefits every teacher on the network. The G4 Guitar Method  separates us from the competition. Guitar teachers are a dime-a-dozen but G4 Guitar Method Teachers are something special and the testimonials prove it.

Thank you.

Testimonials ( Visit Testimonials for complete versions)

The  G4 Guitar Method taught by Brendan (Morello) is structured such that you learn and become competent in the basics before progressing to more complicated aspects of guitar playing.

My daughter started guitar lessons with a local guy who at the time we thought was good.  It wasn’t until we were unable to continue with his lessons and started with Chris (Quinane at Maroubra) we noticed a huge difference.  G4 Guitar is very structured and well organised.  
Michaels (Essery) lessons are easily understood, and is willing to answer any questions by Orlando, and myself being the parent.

Michael is a  great teacher and your G4 Guitar method is an exceptional way of teaching anybody to play the guitar.


Daniel (Holmes) is very patient, the lessons are well structured and i don’t feel rushed during the lessons. Before joining G4 Guitar i was considering giving up the guitar.
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