Avoid student drop outs through prevention rather than cure

When you are losing students on a regular basis within the first few months of them enrolling you really need to look closely at the reasons why. What you really want to look for are patterns. Look to see if there is something you are doing or not doing. Students will often make time or money excuses. Typically they will say things like “I am currently having financial issues” or “I am struggling to find the time to practice” or “I have exams or a big project at work so will need to stop lessons for a while”. When it comes to success on guitar (anything really) time and money excuses are really code for ‘I’ve lost confidence’. It may be confidence in themselves or in you as their teacher. You shouldn’t be worried but see it as an opportunity. Most teachers tend to avoid looking at themselves and see the student as the problem. The real problem can almost always be found weeks or even months prior to the student announcing they were dropping out. What you want to be doing is putting prevention measures in place to avoid students wanting to drop out in the first place. There are many such measures but what I suggest is you read the Top 10 ways to keep students coming back. This will be like a checklist you can follow.

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