Attracting Great Guitar Students

When I speak to guitar teachers they usually will mention a whole host of problems like “I can’t seem to get my students to practice” or “They miss lessons and then expect make ups” or “They don’t practice what I ask them to so make very little progress.” While these may not be your particular problems most teachers will cite their students as the reason why they are finding it difficult. The problem though is that this leaves the teacher in a position of no power. If your guitar students are the problem what can you do?

Putting the teacher in control

To fix the problems in your business the first step is accepting the problems are in your control and that your students are purely a reflection of your business practices. This can be a tough pill to swallow but stick with me.  Our students say everything about who we are and what we are willing to accept. If your students are consistent, loyal and hardworking it is because these are qualities you expect. If your students are unreliable, inconsistent and flakey then its because these are your standards. Once you change your standards your students will change too and here is why.

Making the necessary changes

Let me use an example. Let’s say you have a student who is always late, often misses lessons, only practices a few days a week if that and is generally a poor performer. What do you do? Step 1 is to accept that YOU are the problem. YOU have allowed and perhaps even invited this student into your studio. Every student who inquirers and enrols with you goes through your enrolment process. Its up to you to make it clear what you expect. You need to make it clear how much you expect them to practice, how consistent they need to be and what exactly you expect from them. Look at the current problems you have and make it clear when enrolling any future students of your policies related to those negative behaviours.

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