“This advice is foolish.”

The Beatles Decca records quoteI recently received a message from a guitar teacher who was responding to one of my emails about refunding students.I originally said – “To succeed as a guitar teacher ironically you have to LET GO OF THE MONEY and put student progress first.”
The teacher responded with – “This advice is foolish. Would you refund everyone who didn’t use your program, but paid for it? Do you ask, ” Have you used the program?” And then refund people who haven’t?”
My response.
Thank you,
As I said many teachers are uncomfortable with my advice and thats okay. I too would have thought it foolish in my early years of teaching. Many things in life can seem foolish and its the very reason no one tries them. In fact it was once said that all progress comes from unreasonable people. Those who are willing to take risks and go against the so called common sense of the day. They said Columbus was foolish for sailing to the edge of the world.
To answer your question my answer is an emphatic yes. I would and will always refund anyone who asks for a refund. In the 1970’s a man by the name of Jay Abrahams (one of today’s leading marketing specialists) suggested to a company that they give a 30 day satisfaction money back guarantee. KMart were the first major retailer to offer the guarantee. Everyone said they were crazy. Kmart’s business boomed practically over night and almost all major retailers followed their lead (or went out of business) and that is why today when you shop at almost any large retailer they will refund if you are not satisfied. The 30 day refund policy was once considered insanity.
In today’s perfectionist world people want guarantees and those who cannot offer a guarantee will struggle. If you notice on my offers I give guarantees. Use it and apply it for 30 days and if you are not satisfied I will refund your money. You have nothing to lose but I am confident that if you are looking to grow your teaching business you will get great value. You may not even agree with everything but at worst you will have gained a different perspective.
Many of my most successful teachers started out as skeptics which is often why they became so successful. It was their skepticism that was blocking their success. Once they were able to move past it they were able to see the real opportunities. If everyone just accepted my advice it would mean I am telling people what they already know and believe and are likely doing. The very fact that so many guitar teachers are not doing what I know works is why most struggle.
Thank you again and I really do appreciate your email and please feel free to reply.
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