5 Reasons Why Teaching Guitar From Home Is A Bad Idea

  1. Parents don’t like it. – Many parents will be uncomfortable taking their child to a stranger’s home. This may have been the norm 50 years ago but these days most parents prefer to take their child to a teacher in a commercial setting.
  2. No passing traffic. – Your home does not offer the exposure of a commercial location. My estimates show that for every 1000 people who walk past or drive past that can actually see your location you can expect one new inquiry. In some cases this literal equals several new inquiries a day.
  3. You seem less professional. – People will automatically take your lessons more seriously when you teach from a commercial location. This is important because serious students practice more which means they will be less likely to quit.
  4. Group teaching is difficult. – Group teaching is often dismissed as an option for many guitar teachers purely due to numbers. To effectively build groups you need a high number of enrolments and teaching from home will make this difficult.
  5. Your home is no longer a home. – When you open your home to students you can no longer treat it as a home. I remember having students sometimes turning up at the wrong time unannounced. It meant my home was always open.
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