“how much you can get out of a 30 min lesson?”

I got this question from a lady and I think it may be helpful to see my response.

Can you advise from your experience how much you can get out of a 30 min lesson?  My husband has had some lessons about 3 years ago with a friend however he really will be starting from scratch again and he feels that by the time you get your guitar out, tune it – half of the lesson of 30 mins would be gone?

In my 25 years of experience I find it does depend on three factors.
1. The teacher – If a teacher is poorly organised or lacks experience chances are a lot of the lesson time will be wasted. By contrast a good teacher will make the most of every minute and 30 minutes is usually enough for the average student.
2. The student – The most common challenge a teacher faces is the student who is trying to do too much. The ‘more is less’ principal applies here because each skill needs to be developed. Teachers who lack experience tend to load up their student with lots of new information and new exercises every week to satisfied their appetite and this can back fire. Overloading a student often leads to frustration and /or confusion because they feel they are not able to keep up.
3. The Program – Teachers who have no program tend to improvise from week to week and this can waste a lot of time because each week the teacher spends half the lesson working out what to do next. We use the G4 Guitar Method and it keeps both teacher and student on track and each week the teacher checks the G4 checklist and knows instantly where they are up to and what needs to be done.
 A 30 minute lesson is enough for a student who practices 30 to 60 minutes a day and I always recommend any new student begin with a 30 minute lesson for at least the first 5 weeks to see how their practice goes. If they are practicing an hour or more everyday I will suggest a longer lesson but only once I can see they are putting in the quality practice needed. Longer lessons won’t speed up their progress if they are not investing in the practice.
If your husband already does an hour or more of practice a day he could begin with hour lessons.
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