3 Things Guitar Teachers Must Do To Make ‘Serious’ Money

Guitar teachers will find it difficult to make money teaching unless they do the following 3 things;

1. Take some risks with marketing

In many cases what I hear are guitar teachers saying they are afraid to lose money on say Facebook Ads or Adwords campaigns. The reality is you need to test and that often means losing money but thats the price of doing business and getting educated. Everyone whoever succeeded in business took risks and often lost a lot of money in the early stages. Initially 80% of your time should be spent on marketing. This requires both learning and testing.  Now there is another group of guitar teachers who will claim its not their marketing but believe there just aren’t enough potential guitar students out there. A classic case of denial. Their REAL PROBLEM is a lack of marketing skills generally due to lack of experience and education. Your best option of course is to learn from others. There are now thousands of experts on marketing who you can learn from. Watching guitar teachers struggling to find students using marketing strategies based on guess work is like watching a beginner guitar student teaching themselves to play a difficult complex song. If only they were to visit you, chances are you could help them reach their goals a lot sooner and with a lot less frustration.

2. Leverage their time

Do you teach 1 student at a time at the standard rate? If you do than you are definitely in the majority in terms of guitar teachers but remember, the majority of guitar teachers are among the lowest income earners. Many teachers earn less than a junior supermarket employee. The solution of course is to leverage your time by teaching in groups. Teaching guitar 1 on 1 might feel nice and students may even say they prefer private lessons but RESEARCH shows that students who learn in small groups actually do better. Thats right. Group students actually OUTPERFORMED those who learned privately in a study conducted by Princeton Review. I also know this for a fact because I spent years teaching privately and then switched to group and the difference was remarkable to say the least. But thats only half the story. The other half is time leverage. Unless you are charging students $200+ per hour you’ll never earn potentially what group teachers earn. Even if you did happen to find enough students willing to pay (which we know is highly unlikely) your income is still limited. A good group teacher always has the potential to earn more by teaching larger groups. Look at successful bands. They start by playing small rooms and end up playing stadiums. Imagine if they limited themselves to audiences of one.

3. Get an education

Business education comes in 2 forms. Pay forward and pay later. Just like most payment plans paying later generally incurs interest. In other words in business you either pay forward by getting educated early on or, you pay later through costly mistakes. Knowing ‘how to’ play guitar doesn’t make you a great teacher or business person. Both require an education. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, education is an essential part of success for several reasons. Firstly we simply don’t have all the answers. Far from it. We need to learn from others but, we also need to stay in touch with our industry and connect with people who share a common interest. Just look at successful musicians. They are the ones who are always learning. Many of today’s best musicians REGULARLY attend clinics and never stop learning. They are hungry to learn more from whoever they can so they stay at the top of their game. Teaching guitar and business are no different. The spoils go to the most educated in almost any industry.

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