3 Good Reasons Why Guitar Teachers Join G4 GUITAR

Recently a guitar teacher asked me to give him one good reason why he should join G4 GUITAR. He pointed out that he had 20 years of experience, approximately 50 private students and earned a comfortable income although he did express that is was less than he would like. His question was based on the fact that he could not see how G4 GUITAR would be of any benefit to him so rather than one good reason I decided to give him three and they are as follows.
The Teaching Method
Every guitar method offers something but as far as I am aware, most are based on the set and forget model. In other words a guitarist has an idea which may or may not be based on their teaching experience. They put those ideas into a book, publish the book and the book generally remains as is for evermore. G4 is different in this respect to just about any method you can think of. It’s not a one off published method but is instead constantly evolving. We are constantly seeking teacher and student feedback and making changes either to the method itself or by adding supplements to improve the overall learning experience. Most of the improvements of G4 now come via our teachers and are often inspired by the feedback received from students. We have made dozens of changes over the last year alone that have helped to improve the method.
The Network Effect and The Lean Startup
The G4 Guitar Franchise is based on a combination of the network effect or sometimes known as Metcalfe’s law and ‘The lean startup’ developed by Taiichi Ohno from Toyota and is the reason Toyota became the number one car company in the world. By collaborating with 50+ guitar teachers from around the world and thousands of students we are able to evolve quickly and to ensure we are delivering what works for students and teachers . This approach where we have a feedback loop allows us to make rapid changes, add resources, improve our teacher training discuss and innovate. 
The Business
Business today is very competitive for guitar teachers. In almost any location there are 5 or more guitar teachers competing for a few hundred students. The fact is there is usually one teacher getting most of the students. It’s the teacher who has a business advantage. Gaining any kind of business advantage requires something special. In other words you need to stand out from the crowd for people to choose you over any other teacher. Our goal for our members is not just to offer an effective method of teaching guitar but to offer a proven tested business model that takes full advantage of the above mentioned network effect. I speak to many very experienced teachers almost on a daily basis. When I inquire about their business they will often quote their many years of experience yet their income is generally less than impressive given their experience. Many are good teachers but often fail to recognise the importance of developing their business. Most are looking for more students and earn well under $100,000 per year. I work with teachers who have far less experience yet they earn 3 or 4 times as much as the average guitar teacher. I do understand the money is not important to some teachers but when the truth be told most would like to be earning more or at the very least working less hours.
Learn more
Our worldwide network is growing and has doubled in the last 12 months. Our teachers come from a broad range of backgrounds many with 20 or more years experience. Joining our network will give you a huge advantage but most importantly you will be part of a rapid growing network of likeminded guitar teachers who are helping each other to succeed. To learn more please email support@g4guitarschools.com
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