The 3 Essential Skills of a Guitar Teacher

bigstockphoto_Guitar_Player_3165109I began teaching guitar almost 30 years ago and if only I knew then what I know now. Still I can see the journey was important and I have managed to developed a bunch of successful guitar schools and have helped hundreds of guitarists establish their own guitar studios around the world.

Guitar teacher skills
As guitar teachers our aim is to help students avoid the mistakes we made now I can see I am doing the same with guitar teachers. So here are a few tips.

You need more than just guitar skills
I discovered fairly early on that a successful guitar teacher needs a combination of the following;

1. Guitar skills.
2. Teaching skills.
3. Business skills.

Two out of three will rarely cut it but the problem is who has time to be an expert in all three. So what is the solution?

Almost every successful business you can imagine is built on proven, reliable systems. Think Airlines, fast food chains and even bands. Using a proven system dramatically increases your chances of success. All around you are working systems that save you time. Cars, software programs etc. Without such systems everything would take a lot longer and in some cases be impossible to achieve. A system should be reliable and save you time.

Training Studies have shown a direct relationship between training and performance. The more qualified training you receive the more you will earn. This can be seen in everything from athletes to medical practitioners to business people. Guitar teachers who receive training will generally out perform those without training. The reality is very few guitar teachers seek training in all three essential skills and this explains why guitar teachers are among the lowest earners.
G4 Guitar = Systems & Training
At G4 Guitar we provide a proven system of teaching guitar and doing business along with essential teacher and business training. A winning and unbeatable combination. We now have successful teachers all around the world many who were completely new to teaching when they joined G4 Guitar. We believe our teacher training is second to none and is the reason our teachers are so successful. If your aim is to build a successful guitar teaching business then G4 Guitar is the answer.

For more information please visit our website and click on ‘Teach’ at the top.

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