Discover The Proven Strategies To Guitar Teaching Success

💡Did you know that a small number of guitar teachers get the majority of the students?

Some teachers seem to have something special. By special we mean their students rave about them but this is no accident. The truth is they use certain strategies to achieve their success that most teachers are simply unaware of. If you want to become a guitar teacher that is operates in the top 1% simply join our program for $19 per month and follow our training based on over 30 years of experience.


  • Have you ever wondered why 1% of guitar teachers are always fully booked while the rest struggle to get enough students to pay the rent?
  • How is it that a guitar teacher with only 6 months of experience can have twice as many students as a teacher with 20+ years of experience?
  • What do the 1% know that other guitar teachers do not?
  • Read below and discover the answers...

We Estimate 20% Of Guitar Teachers Get 80% Of The Students

Wikipedia says ' The Pareto Principle states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.' This can be seen in an almost any area. 80% of your progress on guitar comes from only 20% of your practice. 80% of your income will come from 20% of your students. But what makes this even more interesting is the fact that the teachers with the most students are not necessarily the best guitar players so why do they get more students?

The Most Important Lesson Is This...

There are Successful Teaching Strategies (STS for short) that anyone can apply. In almost anything there are strategies or formulas that bring about consistent success. Great chefs have recipes, great coaches have a playbook, great business people have business models and great teachers have STS's. When you know and apply these strategies to the letter you will almost certainly get the same result. Remember when you discovered the pentatonic minor scale? Suddenly you discovered thousands of famous songs, riffs and solos all within that one scale. Think of the scale like a strategy. Once you discovered that scale you were able to workout songs much more easily. Same applies to teaching.

So What's Your Next Best Step?

Lets say you now accept that there are strategies you should know, where to from here? My advice is to TAKE ACTION. Don't allow yourself to be just another average teacher who continues to hope for the best believing all teachers are the same or that some just get lucky or have some unattainable talent. Successful teachers use strategies and you owe it to your students to at the very least explore these strategies. Even if you believe you have an amazing teaching style and you have all the answers (which is a dangerous mindset to have by the way) take a chance. As the saying goes, 'You don't know what you don't know'.  Why not give it 3 months and see what happens. The worst case scenario is you'll learn nothing new from my 30+ years of experience and should therefore be well on your way to being a huge success. Best case is a whole new way of teaching that will transform your students and your bottomline.

How About 3 Months From Now?

Within as little as 3 months your student numbers could be double, triple or more with the right marketing. Most teachers whether guitar or otherwise do not develop their business skills. Guitar teachers are especially guilty in this area so it should come as no surprise that the small percentage of guitar teachers who do undergo business training far out stripped the average untrained guitar teacher. With just 3 months of the right training there will be a noticeable difference between you and the average guitar teacher. A noticeable difference that will ultimately see you enrolling 80% of guitar students in any location.

Think Big But Start Small

I believe in BIG GOALS but I also believe in keeping expectations in check. Its great to go for the big goal but don't set yourself up for disappointment. Start small to PROVE TO YOURSELF that you can achieve a modest goal. When we achieve small victories our confidence grows which pushes us forward. Small wins add up and condition us for the big wins. If you see results in those first 3 months you know you are on the right track. You'll likely be amazed at what you can learn about business in 3 months especially if the information you are receiving is quality.

A Simple Plan To Your First 20 Students

Getting your first 20 students is not hard but it does require a commitment from you. Let me break it down in to pure numbers. You will need approximately 40 inquiries if 50% signup. To get 50 inquiries you need to get your marketing in front of about 40,000 people. Your marketing does need to be well designed of course but if done right you'll get the result. To get in front of 40,000 people you have a few choices. For example I recommend Facebook ads or Google Adwords or local flyer distribution. These are all well tested and proven but I stress YOU MUST HAVE THE RIGHT AD CAMPAIGN. Poorly designed ads will not work.

The POWER Of Structure

Henry Ford famously said "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” We need to listen to what students want to ensure we are understanding their goals but, we need to be careful about asking them for the best plan. A pilot solves the problem of getting passengers from A to B but, they should NOT be listening to the passengers when it comes to flying the plane.  Doctors asking what medicine you would like to take for your illness could also be potentially fatal. The best products and services in almost any category follow this advice. The best car makers do not take customer requests. Think Ferrari, Mercedes and even Toyota. The best chefs do not take advice from diners. Steve Jobs did not ask people what they wanted a smart phone to look like. Its true that many people want 'made to order' but the best companies rarely 'make to order'. They instead, focus all their energy on designing a great product. The reason we value structure is because it solves the problem of learning/teaching guitar by making it easy for our teachers and students to be clear about what steps to take.  

What's The Deal?

Here is what you get.

  • Teaching: Our teacher training is a complete program that will not only make your teaching easy but, will save hundreds of hours in lesson planning while also ensure your students learn to play guitar successfully. 
  • Support: The value of any training can't be overstated. Studies show that the investment you make today in training will pay off for you many times over. Most guitar teachers do not seek out training so the 1% who do end up dominating their competition.
  • Playbook: Our playbook will give you a comprehensive list of strategies you can start using straight away to improve your teaching and reduce student dropouts.
  • Getting Referrals: The fastest way to grow your guitar teaching business is through referrals. Believe or not there are strategies you can use to increase referrals. We will teach you how to increase your numbers and ultimately grow your students numbers quickly.

The Secret to Success is LEVERAGE

Did you know?

  • Guitar teachers are among the LOWEST INCOME EARNERS?
  • ONLY a very small percentage will ever EARN OVER $100,000 per year?
  • The HIGHEST EARNERS are NOT necessarily more talented, experienced or even luckier than you?

LOW and HIGH Income Earners

There are 2 KINDS of guitar teachers. The high earners (the small minority) and the low earners (the great majority). While you might think the difference in earnings is based on experience, skill or just plain luck NONE of these reasons are accurate. What separates the HIGH EARNERS from the low earning majority is LEVERAGE.

The Secret to Success is LEVERAGE


Leverage in our case means SERVING MORE people with LESS EFFORT. Almost every successful business uses leverage in one way or another. Leverage and technology are synonymous. All technology is really about getting more productivity for less effort. If you are not applying leverage in your business you will be at a distinct disadvantage.  To be financially successful as a guitar teacher YOU MUST LEVERAGE by doing the following;

HIGH earners understand LEVERAGE

Most guitar teachers FAIL to earn a decent income from teaching because THEY DON'T LEVERAGE. In other words, they TEACH ONE STUDENT AT A TIME. This would be like a professional musician playing to one person at a time or a restaurant only serving one table at a time. IT'S ABSURB yet the majority of guitar teachers operate this way. Successful bands like Metallica wouldn't be where they are today by playing in front of one person at a time. They are constantly leveraging themselves by playing to large audiences as well as playing video clips on TV and other media.

LEVERAGE your teaching

Group teaching is the key to leveraging your teaching and its the only way (apart from charging $100+ per 30 min lesson) you'll ever earn $100,000 per year! In almost every industry the HIGHEST EARNERS are those who SERVE THE MOST PEOPLE. The highest paid sports stars, musicians, actors etc are the ones with the most fans. They reach the most people. The HIGHEST PAID guitar teachers are the ones who TEACH in GROUPS.

GROUP Teaching is not hard but requires a DIFFERENT skill set

Group teaching is VERY DIFFERENT to private teaching. It requires organisation and structured systems and that do take considerable time and effort work. YEARS in fact but don't let that scare you off just year. Once again you can and should APPLY LEVERAGE to save you valuable time and energy so you can FOCUS on teaching and be earning $100,000 per year sooner. 

GET PAID $100,000 Teaching Less Than 20 Hours Per Week!

IMAGINE earning $100,000+ per year working LESS than 20 hours per week doing EXACTLY what you LOVE! While it may sound too good to be true let me assure you IT'S VERY POSSIBLE via group teaching. The BIGGEST barrier to your success is YOU! Most people get stuck in life because they get stuck on an idea. STOP BELIEVING PRIVATE LESSONS are the only way to teach guitar successfully. The SOONER you break out of that mindset the sooner you'll be EARNING MORE and WORKING LESS.  

LEVERAGE your time

What does an average private guitar teacher earn anyway? While many 'charge' about $30 per 30 minute lesson the reality is they EARN LESS THAN $12 per hour for their time. For years I thought what I was charging was what I was earning but one day I WOKE UP!  You must account for MISSED and UNPAID lessons, holidays, preparation time and operational costs like rent, insurance, advertising etc. I calculated that most private guitar teachers really EARN UNDER $12 per hour when you account for all of the above. Thats LESS than minimum wage. Thats CRAZY!

LEVERAGE your experience

"Smart people learn from their mistakes. Wise people learn from other's mistakes"

You can spend years at the school of 'hard knocks' or you can take a shortcut and learn from the experience of others. One book can literally be full of decades of experience. As they say 'the more you learn the more you earn'. If you want to leverage experience read books, attend courses and seek out mentors. To test your current standing in this regard ask yourself the following questions;

  • How many business, marketing or sales courses have you attended?
  • How many books have you read on the topic of business, marketing and sales?
  • How much time have you spent with a business coach talking about your business?

Benefits of G4 GUITAR Teacher Training

  • Teacher Training - You will gain access to our comprehensive guitar teacher training website. This includes full access to the G4 GUITAR METHOD materials. You'll find everything you need to operate a successful guitar teaching business in one place including how to find, teach and keep students long term.
  • Playbook - We have a complete list of 32 plays that cover most areas of your teaching. Apply these plays and watch the results. 
  • Support - You can ask questions anytime via email or in our 'Member Only' group on Facebook. We are here to support you in whatever way you need to ensure your success.

LEVERAGE our experience

“After 10 years, only 16 percent of existing start-ups are still in business." - Katie Fagan (FranNet)

Business is hard. REALLY HARD! Most businesses WILL FAIL and even the ones that survive will barely make ends meet. I was personally troubled to see so many good guitar teachers STRUGGLING TO FIND STUDENTS so I created the G4 GUITAR SCHOOLS Franchise to LEVERAGE my experience. I came to understand that the reason so many guitar teachers struggle was due to a feeling of being OVERWHELMED. There is simply too much to do and know for anyone guitar teacher trying to compete and succeed. My goal is to help guitar teachers reduce the workload and leverage to EARN MORE & WORK LESS.

LEVERAGE our resources

G4 GUITAR is a complete guitar teaching and business system that makes it EASY to EARN $100,000 per year or more by teaching students in groups. No other system is as comprehensive or as well tested as G4 GUITAR

Developing an effective system for teaching guitar and running your business takes years, even decades especially if you plan to group teach. SAVE YOURSELF the hassle by leveraging our investment so you can focus on the actual teaching and day to day running of your business. The G4 GUITAR approach is about offering an easy-to-follow complete method for teachers to ultimately SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY. We strongly believe that without a system or method of teaching with clear benchmarks students will lack a sense of progress which is a vital component of success. 

David Hart has dedicated his life to guitar teaching, and has a wealth of practical knowledge to share. Support this guy, and you'll be supporting thousands of aspiring guitar teachers who will benefit from David's wealth of knowledge. Do yourselves a favour, and study David's book, and avoid the trial and error of figuring it all out for yourself.

Jeremy Flanagan 
Facebook review                 

G4 GUITAR Pillars To Success

3 Pillars To Guitar Teaching Success

  • A Proven Plan. The G4 GUITAR METHOD provides you with a proven plan for teaching with specific goals and instructions for both you and your students to provide reliable and predictable results. 
  • Teacher & Business Training. G4 GUITAR offers teachers comprehensive training not just as teachers but as entrepreneurs. Our aim is to ensure all G4 GUITAR teachers are of the highest standard to ensure both teacher and student the best outcome.
  • Systems. In today's competitive world operating without systems puts you at a huge disadvantage. When you have solid working systems in place your business will run smoothly allowing you to grow and earn $100,000 per year.

I highly value everything that you are doing for me, and the entire G4 network! I am very excited for what comes next for us all! 

Ken Perry 
Oxnard CA, USA                 

Why does having a 'SENSE OF PROGRESS' matter? 

Studies show a 'sense of progress' is the number one determinant of whether someone persists or quits. This has been shown in everything from fitness to career to relationships to playing games. A sense of progress gives us hope. If we don't feel a sense of progress our natural response is to quit which is why so many guitar students quit. An important element to gaining a sense of progress is having a system of measurement.  One study showed that people who weighed themselves daily were less likely to gain weight and more likely to stick to their fitness program. Karate in Japan is only two belts. White and black. It was the US Marines who decided to add a series of coloured belts to create a sense of progress from white to black belt. As a result they were able to dramatically reduce the time it took to achieve a black belt. At G4 we have done much the same with guitar by carefully designing levels and checklists. Students get a sense of progress and when we first introduced the checklists back in 2005 even I was surprised by how quickly students progressed and how student dropouts became a rare event.

The support here is amazing.

Rob Bondfield 
Adelaide South Australia