Why You Must Systemise Your Guitar Teaching Business

It continues to surprise me how far the world has come in terms of technology since I was born in the 60’s. But what’s even more surprising is how many people fail to take advantage of the technology. This seems especially true of guitar teachers. The majority of guitar teachers work much harder than they need to. Many complain their income is low and blame the economy, where they live etc. Well I’m here to say that technology is the answer to many of your problems but let’s talk systems first.


Systems basically do two things
They save us time (time is money) and reduce errors. Systems are the reason we live in the technologically advanced world we do. As systems improve life improves. Even if you think things haven’t improved much in your lifetime it’s probably just that you take the technology for granted. Let’s use cars as an example. I remember when it was normal for cars to routinely breakdown. Today cars almost never breakdown. It’s because the systems that make a car mechanically reliable have improved dramatically. If you apply the same idea to your guitar teaching business you can expect similar improvements.


Your day as a guitar teacher is full of repetitive tasks
Think about your guitar teaching. How many times have you taught the same thing? I spent years drawing the same chord shapes, tabs, notation etc. What a waste of time that was. A simple print out would have done the job. This seems like an obvious example today but I started teaching before computers and printers were available to the average person. I bet you are doing similar time wasting tasks right now that could be eliminated via systems.


What do you do when new students inquire about lessons?
Are you using a database that automates and collates the data making it easy to manage your students? Do you know how many steps are involved and how long each step takes? The answer is probably no. What about the way you teach? Do you have a system? Are all your lessons planned with all the resources you’ll need on hand. I know, every student is different right? Well they are different but not that different. There are standard skills every guitar student needs to know. Even for the humble suburban guitar teacher there are thousands of tasks required to fulfil your promise to students. Each task takes time and I am almost certain could be improved.


You owe it to your students
Your students deserve the best possible system of learning guitar and they know it. If you don’t keep up you will be left behind. Your students will abandon you for a better option. In the case of car manufactures, those who were unable to keep up with system development mostly disappeared. Today Toyota is the leading car manufacturer. They achieved this by building reliable cars. Reliable car building comes from systems. Toyota have always been committed to developing their manufacturing systems. Its this commitment to developing their systems that made them number one. Today, just to stay in the game you must be constantly developing your teaching systems.
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