Why Musicians Are Poor

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 2.27.03 PMThis is a complexed question so lets explore it closer. I don’t know about you but I certainly didn’t grow up rich. At one point my mother, grandmother, brother and I all lived in one room. We weren’t unhappy but my mother was not able to afford a good education or any real luxuries. It was a bit of a Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Scene but with enough food to keep us satisfied. It wasn’t poverty but it wasn’t far off. Listening to music was an escape from our situation. It would elevate us to a different world. My mother was an Elvis fan and my Dad was into The Beatles,The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin etc. These guys seem to be living a great life.

Rich people are BAD right?

I guess like you, I heard a lot of discussion (arguments) about money when I was a kid. All the usual statements like “You think I’m made of money?” “Money doesn’t grow on trees you know” “Money is the root of all evil” “Money doesn’t bring happiness” “People who want money are greedy” I am sure you have heard them and many more. Did you know we are programmed to believe that rich people are bad and poor people are good? Let’s have a look at some examples: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory portrays 4 rich kids as greedy, nasty, selfish brats while the very poor kid Charlie is the good child. In Harry Potter who is the bad guy? The rich kid of course. Remember Titanic? Who were the happy ones? The poor Irish down below. What about Rocky? He was from a poor neighbourhood but when he became rich he lost touch with reality and became selfish and miserable. In Spiderman its the rich business man Norman Osborn who is evil while Spiderman lives in a poor neighbourhood. And the bad guy in Superman? Lex Luthor is again the rich guy. Batman is perhaps one of the few stories that goes against the trend.

The story is always much the same.

The rich guy is evil and desperately trying to find happiness while the poor humble guy is already happy. This my friends is pure brain washing. I am not saying money is the road to happiness but it doesn’t cause unhappiness. Quite the contrary. Money has brought happiness and health to many. It even saves lives. FACT: We have been conditioned to believe that money is bad and near broke is good. For some reason they made us believe struggling is where great art comes from. While there are certainly examples there are also many examples of wealthy artists who have created great music. We just find the rags to riches story more romantic than a rich person becoming a great artist.

What does this have to do with you?

Question? Do you ever feel that a little more money would make a difference in your life? You have been adsorbing these messages your whole life. You don’t even realise that you have these negativeassociations to money. We all do.The fact is they are stories and they are untrue….Good or bad has nothing to do with money but these stories can prevent you from being wealthy. Think about this; You want to be a good, honest, ethical, person right?….so if you believe people with money are the opposite to the qualities you want for yourself you have no choice but…to be poor. You have a poor mindset and will always bepoor until you disassociate money from bad and poor from good. No more poor!!!

Becoming wealthy is the obligation of those with the most opportunity

If you truly want to do good in the world change your mindset around money, become wealthy and use the money to help those less fortunate. Those who truly do have it tough. Not everyone has the opportunities we do. There are places in the world where poverty is very real. There are people in the world with all kinds of disabilities, diseases and life threatening conditions. Lets create wealth and then share it with those who are worse off then we are. Wealth doesn’t have to be about living a life of luxury. It can just as easily be about making the world a better place. 

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