The Abundant Guitarist Mindset

The abundant mindset is all about seeing the unlimited opportunities that exist all around us. Most (if not all) of us have a scarcity mindset to some degree. The scarcity mindset is that one that surfaces when you are sharing a pizza with two other people and you all know that with 3 people and 8 slices of pizza someone will only be getting 2 pieces. You struggle with the idea of being polite or just grabbing that 3rd piece before the others do. The abundant mindset would see a never ending opportunity for more pizza. Our scarcity instincts were important and necessary when food was in short supply which was for much of our existence. You could say scarcity was and still is important for survival but it doesn’t always serve our best interests in today technologically advanced society.

Scarcity to Abundance

Overcoming the scarcity mindset and moving to abundance is not easy but those who make it across are greatly rewarded. As guitar teachers we (and yes I was the same for a long time) tend to see a very limited number of guitar students. We calculate that in any given area may 1000 people are interested in learning guitar. Of them only 100 will be interested in paying a teacher. There are likely 5 or more guitar teachers in your area leaving about 20 students per teacher. Even if you are the best teacher about 50 to 60 is the best you could hope for. Its a dog eat dog world you say to yourself.

The abundance mindset sees the world very differently.

It sees an almost unlimited number of guitar students each with an almost unlimited potential. So instead of seeing 20 to 60 students they see everyone as a potential student. Instead of thinking they can only teach one student at a time they imagine groups and workshops. They take things to the extreme yes but even if their vision is only 10% realised its usually far greater and a whole lot more fun than the scarcity mindset guitar teacher with 20 students.

Check out the video below for more on this topic.

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