5 Ways Successful Guitar Teachers Think

writeThere are 5 elements I believe make a successful guitar teacher mindset and they are as follows;
  1. They think BIG. Generally when I ask guitar teachers about their goals they give modest answers like “Just a few more students would be great”. Thinking small leads to small results. How about 100 students or $100,000+ per year?
  2. They have a growth mindset. As described by Carol Dweck you either have a growth or fixed mindset. Fixed means you believe a situation can’t change. A guitar student with a fixed mindset might say “I don’t have the natural ability to play that song” where as a growth mindset student would say “I don’t currently possess the ability but I know with practice one day I will be able to play it”. The same applies to your goals as a teacher.
  3. They persist in moments of doubt. Determination and persistence are the result of mindset. We will tend to give up on our goals if we aren’t able to talk ourselves through those moments of doubt. This may seem obvious yet its probably the single biggest reason people fail in business. They justify their reasons for quitting rather than persisting.
  4. They value their time. Successful people in almost any area of life value their time. When we value our time we don’t waste it doing things that we can either automate or pay others to do. An example might be your accounts. If you do all of your own accounts you might be saying that you can’t afford to pay someone. But if you charge even average rates for teaching guitar did you know you can hire a virtual assistant for $5 or even less per hour to do your books? In my case I invest in business coaches because I’d rather learn from their mistakes.
  5. They trust people. Now finally you need to trust people. This means trusting people to help you (employees), coaches (pay mentors) or even students. Not everyone will be trustworthy and yes some people may even rip you off but in my experience its rare and the cost of not trusting people at all is far to great. Without trust you will fail to grow and learn. By trusting people at the very least you will learn who you can trust and who you can’t.


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