How To Get Students For Free Through Association

Do you know how someone like Oprah became so famous?

The answer is quite simple. She interviewed famous people. Oprah began as an unknown but through association gradually became recognised to the point where she was just about the most famous woman on the planet.

The power of association

One of the best ways to gain exposure for your guitar teaching or guitar playing for that matter is by association. What would happen to your guitar playing career if you were to appear on a main stream TV show? Remember that Elvis, The Beatles and many others became famous mostly through association via TV. In Australia there was a show in the 70’s called Countdown and that’s where AC/DC got their start. ABBA became famous in Australia via Countdown in the same way but they first got noticed on Eurovision. It was the media exposure that ultimately took these artists to the top of the charts.

Start small but think big

Its good to think big but you in most cases you’ll need to start small. Begin with local magazines, online radio shows, podcasts etc. The idea is to just get out there and share your story. When you share your story certain people will relate and connect to you.

Would you like to be interviewed?

I am currently looking for interesting guitarists with a story to interview for my own show. If you would like to be interviewed for 30 minutes on YouTube (you will need a webcam) send me an email with a short bio and your personal story.

My latest appearance

To give you an idea I was recently asked to appear on the podcast ‘A Musical Life’ by Hugh Sung. Follow the link below to listen now and let me know if you have any questions.
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