The Secret To Being No.1 Guitar Teacher In Your Area.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 3.16.02 PMBeing No.1 is a lot easier than you might imagine. The answer is very simple. The secret is simply to seek advice. That its but most of us are not great at taking advice.  There are basically 2 types of guitar teachers. Those who seek professional advice (the 1%) and those who do not (the 99%). The 1% who seek advice have a big advantage so if you want to be No.1 staring reading, attending seminars and seeking coaches. Thats what I did and it transformed my life.

Why so many teachers fail to seek professional advice – The answer is surprisingly simple. They don’t believe they need advice. According to a report in SmartCompany only 26% of failed business owners identified failure to seek professional advice as a key reason for failure, while 70% trusted their “gut instinct” over any professional advice.  According to SmartCompany the chief executive of Wolters Kluwer Asia-Pacific, Russell Evans, commented, “The majority of SMEs which shun professional advice were doing so at their peril.”

Why reinvent the wheel? When I started out teaching guitar (30 years ago) I decided to do everything ‘my way’ both in terms of teaching and business. The problem with my way is it was untested, unproven and basically just an assumption. Like most guitar teachers I plodded along learning from my mistakes some of the time. I finally decided being average was no longer acceptable. It’s not that I cared about being number one so much as I wanted to make a difference. I felt anything less was a disservice to my students, my family and myself. I then started paying close attention to those who were succeeding and then BAM! It was obvious! I was trying to reinvent the wheel. For years I was trying to be original rather then copying what was already out there and working.

“Good artists copy, great artists steal” – Pablo Picasso – We often think copying someone else’s idea is wrong but we all do it. Some just do it better than others. Sure there are some lines you should not cross but we know where those ethical lines are drawn. If you don’t then you should check with someone who does. Most new business owners (e.g. guitar teachers) waste time and money on advertising that does not work because they don’t use proven ads or campaigns. They try and come up with an original concept despite the fact that failure is almost certain. Another example is the fact that most guitar teachers lose students unnecessarily. Almost all student dropouts can be prevented but how many guitar teachers go out of their way to study other guitar teachers or any teachers for that matter? 

The HIGH Cost Of Not Seeking Advice – Those who do not seek advice are not only more likely to fail as teachers but are also likely to fail in business according to numerous studies not to mention from my own experience. The reasons are both obvious and subtle. E.g. Not seeking advice may lead you to make mistakes and/or waste valuable time. It wasn’t until I started getting professional advice that I began to see my income go over $50,000 per year for the first time. 

Climbing Mt Everest – Imagine two people of equal health, intelligence and experience climbing mountains decide to climb Mt Everest. One of the climbers decides they will make the climb without the aid of an experienced guide. The other climber decides to hire an experienced climber as their guide. Who do you think has the best chance of reaching the summit of Mt Everest without incident? Who would you rather be?


Practicing what we preach – Most people want to do it ‘their way’ even if their way is unproven and highly risky. If you teach guitar you have seen it many times. Students who teach themselves making all the classic mistakes yet won’t take or pay for advice from a professional teacher. Don’t be that student. Get professional advice even if you think you don’t need it. It will cost you less in the long run.


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