Why Your Facebook Ads for Guitar Students Are No Longer Working

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 10.05.24 PMIn 2015 many of the guitar teachers and business people I speak to have said their Facebook ads have not been working so well and have been asking the question why.  I had suspected for some time that the ROI (return on investment) was just not what it was say a year ago. My assumptions were confirmed at a marketing seminar I went to in Sydney recently and by my Facebook ads rep. The reason (which makes sense) is in 2015 every person with a business started jumping on Facebook ads after hearing and reading the Facebook success stories. Facebook ads are basically an auction. Being an auction naturally pushes the bids higher driving down the ROI. Facebook ads still works but the strategy to get results has moved to a whole new level.
Level 1 marketing
This is where most punters tend to start. Reason being is its easy and if you don’t have any customer data (email addresses and phone numbers) its the only place to start. Level 1 advertising is about marketing to potential clients who match a given profile. E.g. Live within 10 miles, have an interest in guitar and are aged 18 to 55 years. Those who click your ads receive a cookie and can be tracked by Facebook for 180 days. You can put these people into a custom audience and they move to what I call level 2. You can also add any emails or phone numbers you have on your database to a custom audience.
Level 2 marketing
Level 2 is about marketing to people who have already shown an interest in your business. These are your custom audiences.  If they click a second ad of your’s the cost of that click will often be lower plus, if they are willing to click on your ad a second time it means they are still keen and are more likely to buy. Level 2 is now where the leads are mostly coming from. Level 1 is no longer about leads.
Summing up
In short Level 1 is about finding who is interested enough to go to level 2. Its not about getting the sale. Its about getting people into your funnel. and Level 2 is about who is really interested. This is now the nature of Facebook ads so its more a long term strategy. Facebook customers are looking for romance if you like.
Lookalike audiences
There is one more consideration and thats Lookalike audiences. When you build a custom audience you can run a lookalike campaign based on that audience. This is where Facebook will find people who closely match the profile of those in your audience.
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