How To Double Your Guitar Students in 3 months

Here are 3 strategies you can use to double or even triple your student numbers in a matter of months
Strategy 1. Begin with your current students. Like attracts like and friends influence. Each of your students will know at least one other person (probably 5 other people) who would like to be able to play guitar not just because they happen to share an interest but because friends tend to influence friends. Ever noticed how friends tend to wear similar clothes, listen to similar music? Our friends are the ones who often spark new ideas. Ask your students to find a buddy. Someone to learn with them. Explain that they will learn faster, be more motivated and its a lot more fun. With kids explain to parents that when they also learn their kids will be more motivated.
Strategy 2. Start talking to people everywhere. Especially parents. Ask them what they do because the natural response is to ask you the same. Once they know what you do the topic of learning guitar is raised. If they have kids and seem interested offer to give their kids a free introduction guitar explaining the many benefits of learning music.
Strategy 3. Advertise. Many guitar teachers believe that students are just going to magically find them. Unfortunately its not that easy. The good news is that the options for marketing your business both free and paid are almost infinite. You need to be looking locally and try everything and anything that reaches your local audience. School newsletters, local newspapers, noticeboards etc. Look at who else is advertising in those publications first and call them and ask them if their ads are working. Be careful not to be too quick to judge if your ads are not working. I recently spoke to a guitar teacher who gets 15 new inquiries a month from Craigslist. I have also spoken to other teachers who only get one or two inquiries a month. The difference was in the way he worded his ad. Copy matters.
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