10 Ways To Help Your Guitar Teaching Go Viral

In the book Contagious by Jonah Berger he talks about why and how ideas catch on. In other words, why do some ideas go viral while most do not. I recommend you read the book for specific examples and Jonah’s explanations to get a better understanding but, I will say that the ideas in the book boil down to one thing. Being remarkable. Your students need something to share and its your job to give them something to talk about. There are many ways to be remarkable but in this post I will share 10 ways (mostly from experience) that I believe will give your business the best chance of going viral.

1. Focus on your best students

Your best students are those who are fans of you and are therefore the ones who are most likely to spread the word. This means not trying to please everyone. Focusing on impressing your best means you will give them more to rave about. Watch your enrolments grow.

2. Have a unique product

Teaching guitar is a commodity which means there is nothing to really differentiate you from the crowd. Creating a teaching method and giving it a unique name will give students something more tangible to talk about. Instead of just saying they are learning guitar they will be able to say “I am learning the XYZ method of guitar. 

3. Develop great students

There is probably nothing more likely to spread your reputation like great students. We are all inspired by people with talent. Especially kids. Do whatever it takes to produce great students and your reputation will grow. 

4. Surprise your students

Find a song you know they like and learn it and surprise them by playing it in class. Watch their faces light up when they see you performing it perfectly. They will be telling all their friends.

5. Get students performing live

This gives friends and family a chance to come and watch which creates a sharable event. They will be talking about it for weeks or months sharing photos and videos etc increasing your chances of going viral.

6. Leverage social media

Use video or photos of your students in action. Perhaps one where you accompany them. There is a good chance they will share the video among their friends who will in turn share with their friends. Social media is very powerful and has exploded the growth of many businesses.

7. Give 5 star service

Great service is not common and its the one thing people talk about. When people talk about great restaurants they rarely just talk about the food. They almost always comment on the service. Run on time, be quick to respond to messages and be 100% reliable. Over deliver by giving students more than they expect whenever the opportunity arises. Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile. It will really pay off especially over the long term. E.g. Offer to restring their guitars at no charge when needed and you pay for the strings or run free jam nights. 

8. Focus on your ideal market

I focused on children up till about early teens. Specialising allow me to become known as the ideal teacher for that age group. When you try to please all ages you don’t become known as a leader in your niche and you are less likely to be talked about. It also allows you to set up an environment that feels right for your niche. You become more remarkable as a result.

9. Focus on community

Try to avoid seeing your students as customers and see them as members of the local community. This means making connections between students. Think about when you are at a party and you find out that Joe is a friend of Susan who you know through George. When you make connections like this it actually makes people feel more a part of a community and therefore more likely to support you and your school. Remember, some of your students and their parents will be important influential people in the local community so, knowing who is who can really expand your influence. Its all about getting people talking about you.

10. Share your mission and story

Don’t be afraid to share your mission with your students. If students know why you teach and what your bigger goals are they often see you in a different light. Rather than just seeing you as a teacher they will see you as someone with a big vision. Sharing your story is also gives them something to share with friends. I personally find it fascinating when I hear someone’s vision. Especially an inspiring vision.

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