FIND, TEACH & KEEP Students 

A Proven System For Earning $100,000+ per year Teaching Guitar

  • Did you know EVERY STUDENT is worth on average over $2000 and that's if you are an average teacher. If you get one more student from our program you will have made your money back many times over.
  • We will show you HOW to FIND lots of NEW Guitar students and be earning $100,000 in one year.
  • You'll learn 10 Ways to KEEP students from dropping out. Learn these and you will rarely lose students.
  • Our program is PACKED with 30 YEARS of Teaching Experience. The value you will receive is MASSIVE and will transform your teaching business taking it to a whole new level.
  • Learn HOW TO get your students excited about practice and committed to your lessons.
  • Is your WEBSITE turning visitors into STUDENTS? There are good reasons why your visitors may not be signing up and we'll show you why.

Please note this only includes 30 days access to the G4 GUITAR Franchisee training but does not qualify you to be a G4 GUITAR Franchise. If you are interested in becoming a G4 GUITAR Franchisee please contact our support at

    • Over 200 hours of audio & video: Access to our member only website where you can access the guitar teacher and business training based on 30 years experience.
    • Teacher training: Access to our member only website where you can access the guitar teacher and business training based on 30 years experience.
    • Business training: Our business training includes everything from local marketing to business planning and administration.
    • Sales training: You will get a one on one sales training session with Emma Payne who is a leading expert in enrolling music students. She will teach you a script that will double or even triple your enrolment rate.
    • Complete teaching method: Save hundreds of hours of lesson planning by using our complete system of teaching. Everything you need and more is available.
    • 30 Days unlimited support: This covers your first 3 months of membership to G4 Guitar which normally costs $250 per month. You will be able to ask questions at anytime on any topic related to the business of teaching guitar.

    "I think I'm a changed person since first being on the G4 mentor program. Both in business and as a teacher I have grown in both departments! having more expectations from my pupils! I feel my 1-2-1 pupils (classical guitar) can sense a change and more of an expectation on their behalf too.” 

    David Aldridge
    Manchester, UK


    "I've been going through the G4 Method(s) and books. I’m liking this more all the time. My students seem to be quite responsive, receptive and yes, even excited (as am I!)" Russell Nollen - Ames, Iowa United States.

    “Dave I am the type of guy that likes to give credit where credit is due. I must say that I am impressed by your teaching method. I tryed some of your teaching techniques on my class, and the class ran smoothly. I had total control over every student.Thank you again for your wealth of knowledge.” - Michael Lee - Stockton CA United States

    "Thank you for adding me to the Facebook group and for the wealth of information you have provided on the website; worth at least ten times the cover price of what you are charging.” - Nigel Ball - London UK

    "I really appreciate all the advice and encouragement you have given me over the past few months. This has been the best week so far and I made $900 this week which is amazing. People keep calling and book lessons and the challenge now is to stay focused to manage all the students that I have." Joakim Nikolaidis - Paddington NSW Australia.

What exactly do you get?

    200+ Hours of Audio Training for Guitar Teachers

    In these recordings which you can download and play on your device (e.g. iPod) we cover a whole range of topics related to teaching to essential business skills like sales, marketing, collecting payments etc. These recordings will provide you with a wealth of knowledge.

    Guitar Teaching and Business Skills Training

    We have a dedicated website for teachers where we include everything (and more) you need to know to be a successful guitar teacher. No matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced teacher the training will be invaluable.

    Online Support Group for Guitar Teachers

    We have created a private Facebook group for our guitar teacher members. This is normally reserved for our franchisees but you will have access to this group for 30 days and will then have the option of joining our Mentor Program.

    The Complete G4 Guitar Teaching System

    This includes Complete G4 Guitar Method which we sell online to students and is ideal for teaching guitar. These valuable resources were developed over 27 years and are perfect for teaching students both online and offline.

    30 days email support

    I have 30 years of experience teaching both offline and online so I am sure you can appreciate the value of my time but because I want you to succeed and get it right from the start I want to be available to you when you need it.

As far as I'm concerned the G4 Guitar Method is the best method on the planet for beginners. A lot of the performers have only been playing for 3 to 6 months and the progress they've made is astounding and that was showcased really well at the recital. If you check out my G4 Facebook page you can see the performances. The combination of the structure of the method with the group lessons and not letting students get away with not practicing creates incredible results. The positive atmosphere during the whole thing was just astounding.

Adam Wines
Bowie, MD USA

    Learn how I Enrolled 3000+ Students in Just 2 years

    After intensive marketing research I discovered the ideal strategy for finding lots of students quickly. I also realized I HAD NO COMPETITION. Most guitar teachers had no idea about marketing. At one point I WAS ENROLLING 10 NEW STUDENTS A DAY. In 2 years I enrolled over 3000 students. It was due to the coaching I received from people like Jay Abrahams, Tony Robbins and others. These guys charge $1000 of dollars but are worth every cent. I have read over 100’s of BUSINESS BOOKS, attended dozens of seminars and paid for courses and coaching to get educated and have now condensed this into my training program.

    Discover how to convert 90% of inquiries into long term paying students

    When potential guitar students respond to your ads what is your enrollment rate? 50%, 60% 80%, 90%? The fact is very few teachers track this number accurately and can only guess (usually exaggerating upward). If you are not enrolling 90% or more of student inquiries something is missing. Understanding the correct process for enrolling new students is a CRITICAL STEP in becoming fully booked. Remember people who go to the trouble of making an inquiring REALLY want to learn.

    Which Teaching Techniques Work Best?

    Teaching is a skill and a skill that will determine whether you succeed or fail. Your students are willing to pay to learn from a teacher but THEY WANT THE BEST. Students can usually recognise the difference between a SKILLED TRAINED PROFESSIONAL and a self taught amateur. Understanding the difference will ensure your students stay enrolled for years.

    Start Learning NOW!

    Tomorrow never comes. If you want to be a successful guitar teacher you must get the training and you need. I know and understand this business better than most but more importantly I have the knowledge, the skills and the proven track record. I work from a laptop, am earning more money than ever before and am totally free. If you want the same I can help.

    The Value of Training

    I spent close to $100,000 for the training I received and I applied that training specifically to guitar teaching. I PROVED that I could ENROLL 1000’s of guitar students using the strategies I learnt and I am now offering that same information to you for a mere fraction of the price.

Last night I booked in my 70th student. That's 18 students I've booked in the last 5 days!

Shane Allessio
St Albans, UK