The Essential Guide To Teaching Guitar

The G4 GUITAR Teacher Program 

Why do most guitar teachers earn less than a basic wage? The answer is surprisingly simple. Most guitar teachers don't have a profitable business model. Understanding that your teaching is a business will set you apart from your competition and take your income to a whole new level. The G4 Guitar Teacher Program will give you both valuable teacher training PLUS a proven plan to earn over $100,000 per year and beyond. No matter what stage you are at with your teaching this will be your best investment. I guarantee it.

A Complete Teaching & Business Plan For Guitar Teachers 

Hi David, Personally I've achieved goals that were only dreams back in 2013 left my teaching job of 10 years to be self-employed in the true sense of the word. Thanks for all your support, advice and encouragement, here's to 2015 and 100 students. 

Ben Messenger 
Stockport, UK

David Hart has dedicated his life to guitar teaching, and has a wealth of practical knowledge to share. Support this guy, and you'll be supporting thousands of aspiring guitar teachers who will benefit from David's wealth of knowledge. Do yourselves a favour, and study David's book, and avoid the trial and error of figuring it all out for yourself. 

Jeremy Flanagan 

The Benefits Of G4

  • More Student Inquiries: Student inquiries are the result of an effective proven marketing program. Knowing how to create online ads like Facebook and Adwords ads as well as a website that turns visitors into inquiries is critical. You will also learn offline marketing strategies that will boost your inquiries and take your numbers to a whole new level. 
  • More Student Enrolments: The marketing will get you the inquiries but it takes sales training to turn those inquiries into paying students. We will show the winning scripts and techniques (based on 30 years of experience) that will see you enrolling 80% or more of your inquiring students.
  • More Money In Less Time: Teaching guitar privately is a recipe for failure. Group teaching is the key to working less and earning more but group teaching is a skill. We will show you how to teach students in groups effectively and to triple your income per hour.
  • Save Time. How much is your time worth? $50 per hour? $100 per hour? A successful guitar teaching business requires a large amount of preparation and system building. Everything from your marketing to teaching program to managing your students requires systems. This can and usually does take years and a 1000+ hours to create. We have already done a lot of this for you saving you valuable time and therefore money. Even if we save you a few hours its been worth it.
  • More Potential: We will show you what's possible. I went from broke to owning 5 guitar schools turning over $450,000 per year in just 2 years. I did it by thinking big. Your mindset will determine your ultimate success. We want to get you thinking bigger.

Ok, since I began in June, (email is from Sept so just 4 months) I've had 69 enquiries. Out of those, 18 did not book with me, 6 dropped out before subscribing and 4 dropped out after subscribing leaving 41 students just from G4 enquiries (not including my students from before G4). I've now stopped teaching at my two primary schools. I could quite easily have had more enquiries, but I deliberately stopped flyering for the last month or so while I re-organised my teaching schedule.

Jeff Cooke 
Perth, Australia

So glad David Hart is on top of all this stuff! This is the best place in the world to be a guitar teacher.

Michael Essery 
Adelaide, Australia

Last night I booked in my 70th student. That's 18 students I've booked in the last 5 days!” - Shane Allessio. St Albans UK.

Shane Allessio 
St Albans, UK

Why You Need This Program

I read my first book on business called 'Customer Service, The Ultimate Weapon' when I was about 21. This helped enormously especially in terms of sales but was only the first step in my education. That one book took me from an average sales person to Number 1 in the company I was working for at the time (they were a national retail chain with around 1000 sales people employed). Even so I didn't pick up another book on business for about 5 years and my mistakes in business continued to cost me dearly. It wasn't until my late 20's (the 90's) that I started to take my business education seriously. This also meant taking teaching seriously. Almost overnight I went from an amateur to obsessed at being the best guitar teacher/entrepreneur possible. It was a transformation. I then proceeded to buy as many books as I could read (about 2 a week) on business, marketing, teaching, coaching etc. I started attending seminars several times a year and mixing with successful entrepreneurs.

The reason you need this program is because I believe its the most thorough and comprehensive resource for anyone teaching guitar (perhaps music) available today. For a very small investment (the cost of a few guitar lessons) you will have 30 days access and I guarantee you the investment will pay for itself many times over if you apply what you learn. Investing in your education is a way of telling yourself that you believe in yourself. It signals that you are worth the investment. When we don't invest in our own education we are basically telling ourselves that we are not worth it. I believe there is no better investment than one's own education.

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30 days full access to all areas

This is the first and ONLY time I have EVER offered this price and it’s only valid for a very LIMITED time to a limited number of people so be quick. You can fully test drive our Program first 30 days. You will find out why we have SO MANY successful teachers and why we are growing rapidly across the globe.

What you will learn

  • Where and How to FIND Students using Proven Marketing Strategies
  • What and How to TEACH Students using a Tested Lesson Plan based on 30 Years Experience
  • How to KEEP Students Long Term and Get Referrals
  • How to become the NUMBER 1 guitar teacher in your area
  • How to create a PROFESSIONAL IMAGE for your guitar teaching business

A Complete Guitar Teaching Method

Included in this offer is the Complete G4 GUITAR METHOD. You will find everything you need to teach beginner to intermediate students. G4 was designed for teaching groups and we use Checklists to make this EASY for teachers and students (and parents) to track progress.


My $50,000 Guitar Student

Some of your guitar students could be worth $50,000 or more? If you don't believe this number ask a few experienced guitar teachers what the longest student is and they will usually tell you 5 years or more. If the student spends $1000 per year they are worth $5000 must also consider referrals. Your best students will generally refer a few students every year PLUS those students will refer students. This means one student can potentially be worth $50,000 or more. Doesn't it therefore make sense to invest in becoming a better teacher and entrepreneur?

Over $100,000 of learning

Many guitar teachers are reluctant to invest in mentoring often claiming they need to make some money before spending it. Unfortunately this kind of thinking will usually leave you broke. When we invest in learning there is almost always a return on investment known as ROI. Knowledge they say is power but its also valuable in terms of your earnings. Let me explain. Years ago when I was broke I used my credit card to buy a book. Reading that book by Tony Robbins led me to buy more books then recordings, videos and eventually whole programs. I have since gone on to spend well over $100,000 on business coaching programs. 20 years ago I would not have dreamt of spending that amount of cash but now I actually regret not spending more sooner. The money you invest here will come back to you many times over. If you can't afford my program you need my program. Sorry if it sounds a bit arrogant but its true. You need help getting out of your current debt crisis and that's why I believe it will be the best money you have ever spent.

Invest in YOU!

Years ago I made a decision that changed my life. I decided to invest in myself. By myself I mean education. As guitar teachers we understand the value of education. Our students come to us for our experience and wisdom. Rather then making loads of mistakes and learning by trial and error you will save enormous time and energy by learning from those of have achieved the results you are looking for. I have paid over $100,000 for my education so far. Some of that investment was a waste of money but some has been extremely valuable. I now understand that education is the key to rapid success in almost anything. Why learn from my own mistakes when I can learn from someone else's mistakes or better still, their successes.

Dave I am the type of guy that likes to give credit where credit is due. I must say that I am impressed by your teaching method. I tryed some of your teaching techniques on my class, and the class ran smoothly. I had total control over every student.Thank you again for your wealth of knowledge.” - Michael Lee - Stockton CA United States

Michael Lee 
Stockton, CA USA

Find 100's of New Students

The marketing section of our training covers the most important strategies for finding new students. Knowing where and how to advertise makes all the difference. We include step-by-step instructions on setting up ads for Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. Marketing is perhaps the most neglected and least understood part of your average guitar teacher's business. Having even a little knowledge in this area will allow you to dominate your local market. 

Google Ranking

You can pay SEO experts 1000's of dollars to get your website ranked on page 1 or we can show you for much less. While we can't guarantee you a page 1 spot we can definitely show you what works for almost all our members. By following some simple rules you should rank on the top of page 1 or close to for the most popular searches.

Reviewing what you get

  • 200+ Hours of Video & Audio Training for Guitar Teachers. In these recordings which you can download and play on your device (e.g. iPod) we cover a whole range of topics related to teaching to essential business skills like sales, marketing, collecting payments etc. These recordings will provide you with a wealth of knowledge.
  • Guitar Teaching and Business Skills Training. We have a dedicated website for teachers where we include everything (and more) you need to know to be a successful guitar teacher. No matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced teacher the training will be invaluable.
  • The Complete G4 Guitar Teaching System. This includes Complete G4 Guitar Method which we sell online to students and is ideal for teaching guitar. These valuable resources were developed over 27 years and are perfect for teaching students both online and offline.
  • Email support. I have 30 years of experience teaching both offline and online so I am sure you can appreciate the value of my time but because I want you to succeed and get it right from the start I want to be available to you when you need it
  • Learn how I Enrolled 3000+ Students in Just 2 years. After intensive marketing research I discovered the ideal strategy for finding lots of students quickly. I also realized I HAD NO COMPETITION. Most guitar teachers had no idea about marketing. At one point I WAS ENROLLING 10 NEW STUDENTS A DAY. In 2 years I enrolled over 3000 students. It was due to the coaching I received from people like Jay Abrahams, Tony Robbins and others. These guys charge $1000 of dollars but are worth every cent. I have read 100’s of BUSINESS BOOKS, attended dozens of seminars and paid for courses and coaching to get educated and have now condensed this into my training program.
  • Discover how to convert 80% or more of inquiries into long term paying students. When potential guitar students respond to your ads what is your enrollment rate? 50%, 60% 80%, 90%? The fact is very few teachers track this number accurately and can only guess (usually exaggerating upward). If you are not enrolling 90% or more of student inquiries something is missing. Understanding the correct process for enrolling new students is a CRITICAL STEP in becoming fully booked. Remember people who go to the trouble of making an inquiring REALLY want to learn.
  • Which Teaching Techniques Work Best? Teaching is a skill and a skill that will determine whether you succeed or fail. Your students are willing to pay to learn from a teacher but THEY WANT THE BEST. Students can usually recognise the difference between a SKILLED TRAINED PROFESSIONAL and a self taught amateur. Understanding the difference will ensure your students stay enrolled for years.

Tomorrow never comes

Start Learning NOW! Whenever prospective guitar students would say they wanted to wait a few weeks before beginning to learn guitar my response was "Tomorrow never comes".  If you want to be a successful at anything you need to take action TODAY. Our busy lives DO NOT STOP. Its simply about priorities. Put what matters most to you first. If you want to be a SUCCESSFUL guitar teacher you must get the training you need which also creates momentum. I know and understand this business better than most but more importantly I have the knowledge, the skills and the proven track record. I have walked my talk for decades. I am here to transfer more knowledge and skills to you so you can avoid mistakes and succeed sooner. TAKE ACTION TODAY and you will be happier for it I can guarantee it.


You will get access to the same teacher training and business training as our franchisees who pay $250 per month. 

I really appreciate all the advice and encouragement you have given me over the past few months. This has been the best week so far and I made $900 this week which is amazing. People keep calling and book lessons and the challenge now is to stay focused to manage all the students that I have.

Joakim Grosvik 
Paddington, Australia

As far as I'm concerned the G4 Guitar Method is the best method on the planet for beginners. A lot of the performers have only been playing for 3 to 6 months and the progress they've made is astounding and that was showcased really well at the recital. The combination of the structure of the method with the group lessons and not letting students get away with not practicing creates incredible results.

Adam Wines 
Bowie, MD, USA

$19 per month. Offer Ends Soon!