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MORE Student Enquiries. Having an effective marketing strategy is critical to getting enquiries. I would guess that 99% of guitar teachers have no marketing strategy. We include a website that is design to rank high on Google searches and increase your number of enquiries. We also work with you on how to do effective paid marketing whether it be local flyers or online advertising on platforms like Facebook and Google. Follow our marketing program and your membership will pay for itself many times over.

MORE Student Enrollments. We estimate that most guitar teachers lose about 50% of all potential students at the enquiry stage. Selling is a skill and selling guitar lessons is no different. If you are not enrolling 95% of all enquiries you are missing out. Many of the guitar teachers I have worked with have doubled their students within 3 months just from improving their ability to convert and enquiry into a long term student.

MORE Longterm Students. Its all good and well to have an effective marketing program and be a great sales person but what if students are dropping out within the first few months? One of the main reasons students dropout early is because the teacher does not have a program designed to keep students longterm. The G4 GUITAR METHOD has been developed and tested over a 30 year period and if applied correctly will keep your students coming for years. Keeping students longer results in reduced marketing costs and higher profits.

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Get the first 3 months at 80% Off. Membership is $97 per month but you'll get the first 3 months for only $19 per month. This is a great opportunity to assess the value of the Mastery Program for yourself and decide whether its right for you.

My inbox and phone have exploded with inquiries. This is insane. WHOOO JUST HIT 50 STUDENTS!  So stoked.”

Alex Eldridge
Manly, AU

What You Get When You Join

  • Access to the G4 Guitar Teacher Training
  • Access to the G4 Guitar Business Pages
  • A license to teach the G4 GUITAR METHOD 
  • A hosted website complete with WordPress (without G4 GUITAR branding)
  • BONUS! Thrive Themes installed on your website
  • Email support 

A Complete Solution

The Guitar Teacher Mastery Program is a complete SOLUTION that will help you to FIND, TEACH and KEEP more guitar students. The program offers guitar teachers regardless of level solutions to common challenges that prevent growth. Teachers understand better than most the value of training and support. Our program is designed to pay for itself many times over. If the information contained within our program results in just one more student it will have paid for itself. Apart from the most extensive guitar teaching training you get resources and tools that will boost your productivity and attract more students guaranteed. Our aim is to leverage our network so independent guitar teachers like you save money and time.

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BONUS! Thrive Themes Website Included

As a very special bonus we are including a WordPress website fully hosted complete with Thrive Themes, the BEST & EASIEST theme fully installed and ready to go. The theme has been specifically designed to attract new student inquiries to grow your business.

Become The No.1 Local Guitar Teacher   

Most guitar teachers do not invest in education. Knowing how to play guitar is only one small part of building a successful guitar teaching business. Those few guitar teachers who invest in business education quickly leave their competition behind. We believe our guitar teacher training is the best and if followed will position you as the number one teacher in your area. 

*30 Day Money back guarantee.  We want to make this easy and 100% Risk FREE. If you are not completely satisfied at anytime we will promptly refund your last payment GUARANTEED. 

*Unsubscribe anytime. This is a monthly ongoing subscription but you are free to cancel anytime without notice or penalty.

7 Reasons Why People Love The Program

If you are wondering whether this program is right for you consider the following 7 main reasons guitar teachers join based on our surveys? 

1. Better Results  - You will gain access to over 200 hours of audio and video, our complete Playbook with 30 of our most effective teaching techniques along with step by step instructions for teaching beginner students from lessons one. We have rigorously tested every element of your teacher training so you can be a world class teacher.

2. More Student Inquiries - It doesn't matter how good you are as a teacher, if you don't have an effective marketing plan your business will fail. You will learn the secrets to effective Facebook ads, Google Adwords, website design, YouTube marketing as well as PROVEN offline strategies such as flyer design and distribution.

3. More Student Enrolments - Effective marketing will bring in the inquiries but without an effective sales strategy they won't convert into paying students. In today's connected world students have many options for learning guitar. In their mind they don't need you like they once did. This means your sales presentation needs to be convincing. You will learn the Do's and Don't's when it comes to sales presentation that will take your conversions to 90% or more.

4. More Profit  Most guitar teachers have no business plan (recipe) for success. This explains why most guitar teachers fail to earn more than a basic income. Our PROVEN business plan is based on the success of my own guitar schools and the success of guitar teachers around the globe. If you follow the plan you will be earning $100,000 per year teaching guitar sooner than you think. 

5. Structured Lesson Plans - Creating lesson plans and developing an effective method for teaching takes years of trial and error. We have created a method called the G4 GUITAR METHOD that will make your LIFE EASY. Not only is the method perhaps the best system anywhere for learning guitar but we are constantly developing it to ensure it continues to improve. The beauty of G4 is it will save you time and adds value for your students. When students see you using a structured, organised method for teaching guitar they will see you as a true professional and not just another typical tab scribbling random guitar teacher.

6. More Value - Our aim is to leverage the 'network effect' to give you and all our members more and more value. What this means to you is you pay a fraction of the cost of what it would normally cost you to access the resources we provide. If you were to pay a consultant for all the marketing, sales and business advice plus all of the teacher training and resources it would cost you many thousands of dollars. We leverage the network effect to offer guitar teachers MASSIVE VALUE. The network effect occurs when 2 or more people come together on one idea. In our case the more guitar teachers who join the more value each member gets. Imagine having a team of over 50 guitar teachers solving problems, contributing ideas and generally helping us to develop a program that benefits everyone else on the network. Well thats G4 Guitar. With each new member the value goes up for each member.

7. Support (The value of a good mentor) - Teaching guitar can sometimes be an isolated experience. Being able to get support from people who have been there and know the challenges is priceless. For many of our members the support alone is worth the price. No one teacher has all the answers and this is why mentors are so valuable. With 30 years of experience in the business helping thousands of students and hundreds of guitar teachers from around the world you know you'll get quality answers to the most difficult problems.

Why Most Guitar Teachers FAIL?

Jeff Bezos Amazon's CEO said the following;

"Our success at Amazon is a function of how many experiments we do per year, per month, per week, per day…" 

To discover what works in anything requires testing. Testing is hard and takes time. It generally takes 1000's of tests to get any meaningful results. Its not just about testing your teaching strategies. You also need to test marketing e.g. Facebook ads, Google, blogs etc. You have to test sales copy, sales scripts, website designs, studio layouts and so on. Its exhausting and massively time consuming. Add your own guitar practice to the mix and its easy to see why most guitar teachers fail. Who has the time? 

Why Guitarists Don't Make Their Own Guitars?

My guess is no in 99.9% of guitar players purchased their guitar oppose to building their own. Why? Because building a reasonable guitar takes years. Remember the guitar is a tool. A tool for playing music.  With guitar teaching you also need tools. The concept behind our program is to give you the tools you need to be a successful teacher.  When it comes to building a great guitar its not just the building but the design work that goes into it. Most of the best guitars are the result of decades of research and development. The same applies to our teaching method. We have done much of the hard work for you. We have spent over 30 years testing different guitar teaching programs to find out what works best for both students and teachers. Those who follow the system get results. They reach their goals much faster and with much less effort. We know what works and what does not without wasting years making expensive mistakes. 

Hi David, Personally I've achieved goals that were only dreams back in 2013 left my teaching job of 10 years to be self-employed in the true sense of the word. Thanks for all your support, advice and encouragement, here's to 2015 and 100 students. 

Ben Messenger 
Stockport, UK

Do You Really Want To EARN MORE & WORK LESS?

Do your actions match your words? So often we say one thing but do another. If you are truly committed to earning more and working less there is ONLY ONE SOLUTION that I am aware of and its called 'EDUCATION'. Most guitar teachers try to work out all the answers by themselves and pay the price. While a noble cause its the slow lane to earning more and working less. Why spend years learning from your mistakes when you can learn from OTHER PEOPLE's MISTAKES.

STOP trying to reinvent the wheel 

Most guitar teachers are trying to reinvent the wheel and most are failing as a result. In today's world NETWORKS WIN and individuals lose. One person does not achieve great things alone. Behind every so-called great person is a team. There is simply too much for any one person and even if you did try at best it would take many years.

Ok, since I began in June, (email is from Sept so just 4 months) I've had 69 enquiries. Out of those, 18 did not book with me, 6 dropped out before subscribing and 4 dropped out after subscribing leaving 41 students just from G4 enquiries (not including my students from before G4). I've now stopped teaching at my two primary schools. I could quite easily have had more enquiries, but I deliberately stopped flyering for the last month or so while I re-organised my teaching schedule.

Jeff Cooke 
Perth, Australia

Why Most Students Quit Guitar Lessons And What To Do About It.

The ANSWER is SIMPLE - 'NO SENSE OF PROGRESS'. This happens because the system they use to learn guitar has no effective system of monitoring progress. Why is it that those same students who won't practice will spend hours everyday on a PlayStation? The reason is they feel a sense of progress or as referred to in the gaming business 'gamification'. Games are seductive and compelling but they work for one simple reason. Players feel a sense of progress when they play.  Once we get students into the game state they have trouble stopping.

Gamify Your Lessons For Better Results

The gamification approach to guitar learning excites and engages students by making guitar learning 'fun and addictive' in the same way as a good game. If you want to be a truly successful teacher you need to apply game mechanics and this is what you will learn in the our program. No matter what stage you are at with your guitar teaching I guarantee this will take your teaching to a whole new level.

A Complete Teaching & Business Plan For Guitar Teachers 

Our members get access to lots of video including seeing some of our best teachers in action. Watching and learning from others is one of the best ways to improve your own teachings.

Last night I booked in my 70th student. That's 18 students I've booked in the last 5 days!” - Shane Allessio. St Albans UK.

Shane Allessio 
St Albans, UK

What do you get?

Here is what is included in the Guitar Teacher Mastery Program.

  • Access to 200+ hours of video and audio specifically on the topic of teaching guitar and business. 
  • Extensive Teacher training: Access to our member only website where you can access the guitar teacher and business training based on 30 years experience.
  • In-depth Business training: Our business training includes everything from local marketing to business planning and administration.
  • Sales training: You will get a one on one sales training session with Emma Payne who is a leading expert in enrolling music students. She will teach you a script that will ensure you are enrolling the highest number of inquiries.
  • Complete teaching method: This alone is worth the price. You are free to use the materials in your classes but note you 'cannot' make copies. If you would like to make copies please inquire about our Franchise program.
  • Email support: You will be able to ask questions at anytime on any topic related to the business of teaching guitar.

The training alone is beautiful! But all of your Systems set up to be certified to teach this is simply amazing! So in depth! I'm glad I found G4 Guitar Method, David Hart! I'm honored to be allowed to be mentored by you.

David Bruce 
Chicago, US

Why You Need This Program

Studies show the single best investment anyone can make is education. There are very few resources available to professional guitar teachers and even few that are based on over 30 years of research and development. I have been in the business of teaching music for 30 years and have always made a point of staying on the cutting edge. I began teaching as a teenager in the early 1980's. I made a ton of mistakes but the BIGGEST MISTAKE I MADE was believing I had all the answers and NOT seeking help sooner. There is an old saying that says "Education in business is never free. You either pay someone to teach you what you need to know (this is usually the low cost option) or you pay through your mistakes."

Approximately 1000 Books On Teaching, Coaching, Business, Marketing & Sales

I read my first book on business called 'Customer Service, The Ultimate Weapon' in about 1987 when I was 21. This helped me to understand the customer as I was in retail sales at the time. This one book took me from an average sales person to Number 1 in the company in just a few months. I was working for a national retail chain with around 1000 sales people employed. Even so I didn't pick up another book on business for about 5 years and my mistakes in business continued to cost me dearly. It wasn't until my late 20's (the 90's) that I started to take my business education seriously. This also meant taking teaching seriously. Literally overnight I went from reading a few books to reading everyday. I became obsessed with knowledge. It was truly transformational. I soon started attending seminars several times a year and mixing with successful entrepreneurs. One small investment of about $10 on a book set me on an amazing journey. 

So glad David Hart is on top of all this stuff! This is the best place in the world to be a guitar teacher.

Michael Essery 
Adelaide, Australia

A Small Investment For A Massive Return

The reason you need this program is because I believe its the most thorough and comprehensive resource for anyone teaching guitar (perhaps music) available today. For a very small investment (the cost of a few guitar lessons) you will have 30 days access and I guarantee you the investment will pay for itself many times over if you apply what you learn. Investing in your education is a way of telling yourself that you believe in yourself. It signals that you are worth the investment. When we don't invest in our own education we are basically telling ourselves that we are not worth it. I believe there is no better investment than one's own education.

 Video Tour of G4 GUITAR Member Site

30 days full access to all areas

This is the first and ONLY time I have EVER offered this price and it’s only valid for a very LIMITED time to a limited number of people so be quick. You can fully test drive our Program first 30 days. You will find out why we have SO MANY successful teachers and why we are growing rapidly across the globe.

What you will learn

  • Where and How to FIND Students using Proven Marketing Strategies
  • What and How to TEACH Students using a Tested Lesson Plan based on 30 Years Experience
  • How to KEEP Students Long Term and Get Referrals
  • How to become the NUMBER 1 guitar teacher in your area
  • How to make a Professional video for your teaching business
  • How to create a PROFESSIONAL IMAGE for your guitar teaching business


Complete Guitar Teaching Method

Included as a bonus is 'Student Level' access to the Complete G4 GUITAR METHOD. You will find everything you need to teach beginner to intermediate students. (Note: You can't make copies but if you are interested you can inquire about our Franchise program.) G4 was designed for teaching groups and we use Checklists to make this EASY for teachers and students (and parents) to track progress.



Learn how to make a professional video

Making a professional video for your website to attract students can make all the difference. When prospective students see you and your school the level of trust goes up and increases the chances they will choose you over the competition. Video is also a great way to market using Facebook video ads or YouTube ads. Here is an example of a video from our G4 Guitar teacher Adam Wines in Bowie Maryland.

My $50,000 Guitar Student

Some of your guitar students could be worth $50,000 or more? If you don't believe this number ask a few experienced guitar teachers what the longest student is and they will usually tell you 5 years or more. If the student spends $1000 per year they are worth $5000 BUT...you must also consider referrals. Your best students will generally refer a few students every year PLUS those students will refer students. This means one student can potentially be worth $50,000 or more. Doesn't it therefore make sense to invest in becoming a better teacher and entrepreneur?

Over $100,000 of learning

Many guitar teachers are reluctant to invest in mentoring often claiming they need to make some money before spending it. Unfortunately this kind of thinking will usually leave you broke. When we invest in learning there is almost always a return on investment known as ROI. Knowledge they say is power but its also valuable in terms of your earnings. Let me explain. Years ago when I was broke I used my credit card to buy a book. Reading that book by Tony Robbins led me to buy more books then recordings, videos and eventually whole programs. I have since gone on to spend well over $100,000 on business coaching programs. 20 years ago I would not have dreamt of spending that amount of cash but now I actually regret not spending more sooner. The money you invest here will come back to you many times over. If you can't afford my program you need my program. Sorry if it sounds a bit arrogant but its true. You need help getting out of your current debt crisis and that's why I believe it will be the best money you have ever spent.

Invest in YOU!

Years ago I made a decision that changed my life. I decided to invest in myself. By myself I mean education. As guitar teachers we understand the value of education. Our students come to us for our experience and wisdom. Rather then making loads of mistakes and learning by trial and error you will save enormous time and energy by learning from those of have achieved the results you are looking for. I have paid over $100,000 for my education so far. Some of that investment was a waste of money but some has been extremely valuable. I now understand that education is the key to rapid success in almost anything. Why learn from my own mistakes when I can learn from someone else's mistakes or better still, their successes.

Dave I am the type of guy that likes to give credit where credit is due. I must say that I am impressed by your teaching method. I tryed some of your teaching techniques on my class, and the class ran smoothly. I had total control over every student.Thank you again for your wealth of knowledge.” - Michael Lee - Stockton CA United States

Michael Lee 
Stockton, CA USA

Find 100's of New Students

The marketing section of our training covers the most important strategies for finding new students. Knowing where and how to advertise makes all the difference. We include step-by-step instructions on setting up ads for Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. Marketing is perhaps the most neglected and least understood part of your average guitar teacher's business. Having even a little knowledge in this area will allow you to dominate your local market. 

Google Ranking

You can pay SEO experts 1000's of dollars to get your website ranked on page 1 or we can show you for much less. While we can't guarantee you a page 1 spot we can definitely show you what works for almost all our members. By following some simple rules you should rank on the top of page 1 or close to for the most popular searches.

As far as I'm concerned the G4 Guitar Method is the best method on the planet for beginners. A lot of the performers have only been playing for 3 to 6 months and the progress they've made is astounding and that was showcased really well at the recital. The combination of the structure of the method with the group lessons and not letting students get away with not practicing creates incredible results.

Adam Wines 
Bowie, MD, USA

Marketing For Students

Successful marketing is a key component to finding new students. We will show you how to create ads that work for very little cost using the main platforms such as Facebook and Google. The secret is knowing which ads work best for the lowest possible investment. Knowing where to put your money is critical.

Reviewing what you get

  • 200+ Hours of Video & Audio Training for Guitar Teachers. In these recordings which you can download and play on your device (e.g. iPod) we cover a whole range of topics related to teaching to essential business skills like sales, marketing, collecting payments etc. These recordings will provide you with a wealth of knowledge.
  • Guitar Teaching and Business Skills Training. We have a dedicated website for teachers where we include everything (and more) you need to know to be a successful guitar teacher. No matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced teacher the training will be invaluable.
  • The Complete G4 Guitar Teaching System. This includes Complete G4 Guitar Method which we sell online to students and is ideal for teaching guitar. These valuable resources were developed over 27 years and are perfect for teaching students both online and offline.
  • Email support. I have 30 years of experience teaching both offline and online so I am sure you can appreciate the value of my time but because I want you to succeed and get it right from the start I want to be available to you when you need it
  • Learn how I Enrolled 3000+ Students in Just 2 years. After intensive marketing research I discovered the ideal strategy for finding lots of students quickly. I also realized I HAD NO COMPETITION. Most guitar teachers had no idea about marketing. At one point I WAS ENROLLING 10 NEW STUDENTS A DAY. In 2 years I enrolled over 3000 students. It was due to the coaching I received from people like Jay Abrahams, Tony Robbins and others. These guys charge $1000 of dollars but are worth every cent. I have read 100’s of BUSINESS BOOKS, attended dozens of seminars and paid for courses and coaching to get educated and have now condensed this into my training program.
  • Discover how to convert 80% or more of inquiries into long term paying students. When potential guitar students respond to your ads what is your enrollment rate? 50%, 60% 80%, 90%? The fact is very few teachers track this number accurately and can only guess (usually exaggerating upward). If you are not enrolling 90% or more of student inquiries something is missing. Understanding the correct process for enrolling new students is a CRITICAL STEP in becoming fully booked. Remember people who go to the trouble of making an inquiring REALLY want to learn.
  • Which Teaching Techniques Work Best? Teaching is a skill and a skill that will determine whether you succeed or fail. Your students are willing to pay to learn from a teacher but THEY WANT THE BEST. Students can usually recognise the difference between a SKILLED TRAINED PROFESSIONAL and a self taught amateur. Understanding the difference will ensure your students stay enrolled for years.

PLUS the BONUSES. 1. The G4 GUITAR METHOD & 2. Learn how to make a professional video


Start Learning NOW! Whenever prospective guitar students would say they wanted to wait a few weeks before beginning to learn guitar my response was "Tomorrow never comes".  If you want to be a successful at anything you need to take action TODAY. Our busy lives DO NOT STOP. Its simply about priorities. Put what matters most to you first. If you want to be a SUCCESSFUL guitar teacher you must get the training you need which also creates momentum. I know and understand this business better than most but more importantly I have the knowledge, the skills and the proven track record. I have walked my talk for decades. I am here to transfer more knowledge and skills to you so you can avoid mistakes and succeed sooner. TAKE ACTION TODAY and you will be happier for it I can guarantee it.

I really appreciate all the advice and encouragement you have given me over the past few months. This has been the best week so far and I made $900 this week which is amazing. People keep calling and book lessons and the challenge now is to stay focused to manage all the students that I have.

Joakim Grosvik 
Paddington, Australia


You will get access to the same teacher training and business training as our franchisees who pay $250 per month. 

SPECIAL OFFER - $19 for first 3 months

Get the first 3 months at 80% Off. Membership is $97 per month but you'll get the first 3 months for only $19 per month. This is a great opportunity to assess the value of the Mastery Program for yourself and decide whether its right for you.