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5 Reasons To Join G4 GUITAR 

The benefits of G4 GUITAR for self employed guitar teachers are numerous but here are just a few;

  1. The G4 GUITAR METHOD. Our method will save you time, make you more efficient and look more professional.
  2. The Training. Our teacher and business training for guitar teachers is second to none. We cover almost every aspect of teaching and business imaginable based on 1000's of hour of guitar teaching.
  3. The Systems. Systemising your business is the key to earning more and working less. Systems take years to develop but we have already done a lot of the work for you. 
  4. The Earnings. Using our proven business plan and tested marketing plan combined with G4 GUITAR brand power, the method and systems will simply result in more money for you for less time and effort.
  5. The Potential. G4 Guitar is still in its early days. We have over 50 franchisees in 5 countries but that will expand to more like 1000 in the coming years. This means our potential together is massive. By working together we can achieve so much more.​

Earn $100,000 per year or more 

  • Our proven business plan will ensure you are have the best chance of success. Provided you meet our requirements and follow the plan you will be able to earn $100,000 per year or more.
  • Group Teacher Training: Teaching in groups will allow you to earn more and work less. Our group teacher training is world class and covers almost every aspect imaginable on the subject of group teaching.
  • G4 GUITAR METHOD: Access and use of all G4 Guitar Method materials. A comprehensive and carefully planned set of resources for effectively teaching guitar students in groups. You will save hundreds of hours of lesson planning by using our complete system of teaching. Everything you need and more is available.
  • Student Management Software (Only available with Platinum option): A successful business in today's fast pace world requires sophisticated software. Our Student Management Software (SMS) has been specifically designed for G4 GUITAR franchisees to manage their students and timetable efficiently. This will save you enormous amounts of time and give you the professional edge over your competition.


For costs please visit G4 GUITAR Options.

Is the G4 GUITAR right for you?

G4 GUITAR SCHOOLS currently operates in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. Our goal is to give beginner to intermediate guitar students the best chance of success. We achieve this through a combination of a well researched method based on over 30 years of experience along with world class teacher training and support. If you are interested in becoming a G4 GUITAR Teacher please read below.

We know only a very small percentage of guitarists out there will be well suited for G4 for many different reasons. Before applying check you meet the following requirements.

  • Reliable, honest and a good communicator.
  • Willing to learn and be open to new ideas.
  • Passionate about helping others to achieve their goals.
  • Enjoy working with children.
  • A strong willingness to be successful and reach goals.
  • Willing to teach students in groups.
  • Willing to undergo training.
  • Willing to follow a method of teaching guitar.

G4 GUITAR Free Basic Online Training

This will introduce you to G4 and help you to decide if we are right for you. There are 3 stages with a quiz at the end of each to be completed and sent directly to myself. To get started please follow the link to complete the initial online training.

G4 GUITAR Teacher Training Stages 1,2 and 3.

Online Chat

If you have any questions and would like to chat online please email David Hart at support@g4guitarschools.com.

General Information

I (David Hart) have been in the business of teaching music since the 1980's. I have directly and indirectly built dozens of successful music schools. My passion has always been a combination of three things. Music, Teaching & Business. G4 GUITAR is the result of over 30 years of combining these three passions. I was inspired by my own amazing teachers and mentors. Everything I know has either been passed down to me from other great teachers or through experience and sometimes painful lessons.

Why did I create the G4 GUITAR SCHOOLS network?

The world is changing rapidly and the independent guitar teacher is fast becoming obsolete. Music schools and teachers everywhere are living in the pre-internet era and just like the dinosaur they will soon be extinct. Their business models are just not set up for today's highly connected world. The guitar teachers who will survive in the next decade are those who are part of this new connected world. G4 GUITAR is about connecting the best guitar teachers so as to gain the benefits of their collective wisdom so everybody wins.

What will you earn?

We don't want to limit your earnings so we offer several options. For example you could apply to become a teacher in one of our schools and get paid as a contractor. Alternatively if you are more ambitious you could join our franchise program where the goal is to earn over $100,000 (£60,000) per year while having the freedom to work on your terms. Whatever your choice the first step now is to complete our application. Thank you.

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What our teachers are saying?


Hi David Hart and everyone, the G4 Guitar Bowie MD recital went phenomenally well. As far as I’m concerned the G4 Guitar Method is the best method on the planet for beginners. A lot of the performers have only been playing for 3 to 6 months and the progress they’ve made is astounding and that was showcased really well at the recital. If you check out my G4 Facebook page you can see the performances. The combination of the structure of the method with the group lessons and not letting students get away with not practicing creates incredible results. The positive atmosphere during the whole thing was just astounding. – Adam Wines, Bowie MD US.
Hi David, Ok, since I began in June (4 months ago) I’ve had 69 enquiries. Out of those, 18 did not book with me, 6 dropped out before subscribing and  4 dropped out after subscribing leaving 41 students just from G4 enquiries (not including my students from before G4). How does that sound? Jeff Cooke http://guitarlessonsbutler.com.au/
I think I’m a changed person since first being on the G4 mentor programme. Both in business and as a teacher I have grown in both departments! having more expectations from my pupils! I feel my 1-2-1 pupils (classical guitar) can sense a change and more of an expectation on their behalf too.” – David Aldridge Manchester UK
Hi David,
Just wanted to give you a massive THANK YOU!!!!!! I had my first class yesterday and I felt really comfortable; if it wasn’t for you and the G4 network I wouldn’t had made this change in my life and it wouldn’t had been half as easy. I still have a lot to learn and I’m sure it’s not gonna be an easy walk but I’m really excited with the journey. You probably don’t know or you probably do but in a philosophical sense you are really making a difference in the world, I truly believe that, your mission is a very special one; you are touching many lives everyday and spreading the love for music, and that sends a million positive vibes every single day to a world that needs them badly. Thanks again and I’m really happy I found you and the G4 network!! Keep on strumming!! – Fernando LLort – Adelaide SA
“I’d just like to say that the whole way you’ve set G4 up is really inspiring. I was walking around delivering flyers this morning and listening to some of the audio and the whole conversation gets me fired up. People are really helpful on the members site too! Thanks again.”  Jeff Cooke – Perth Western Australia.
“In regards to the course I think is excellent and so comprehensive….I’m amazed at quality of your content!” – Jeremy Glass UK
“David , I know I have said this many times before, so here goes anyway. You are a true gem, the real deal whatever we want to call it. You inspire, motivate, give people different points of view and you are always willing to share your insights and help with your great knowledge. We have never met in person but your honesty and integrity makes me call you a friend regardless!” Markus Bruun – Newcastle NSW Australia
“Thank you for adding me to the Facebook group and for the wealth of information you have provided on the website; worth at least ten times the cover price of what you are charging.” – Nigel Ball – London UK
“I really appreciate all the advice and encouragement you have given me over the past few months. This has been the best week so far and I made $900 this week which is amazing. People keep calling and book lessons and the challenge now is to stay focused to manage all the students that I have.”  Joakim Nikolaidis – Paddington NSW Australia.
“My god. My inbox and phone have exploded with inquiries. This is insane.” & “WHOOO JUST HIT 50 STUDENTS! And just hired a teacher! So stoked.” – Alex Eldridge Manly Australia.
“How wonderful in business to have a group like this to fall back on when things get tricky. In my past businesses it has been just me lol. G4 comes with a free mastermind group. Those can be hard to build on your own.” – Reuben – Gippsland Australia
“One more in the bucket! That sales script really works!!” – Shane Allessio – St Albans UK.
“I’ve been going through the G4 Method(s) and books. I’m liking this more all the time. My students seem to be quite responsive, receptive and yes, even excited (as am I!)” Russell Nollen – Ames, Iowa United States.
“Dave I am the type of guy that likes to give credit where credit is due. I must say that I am impressed by your teaching method. I tryed some of your teaching techniques on my class, and the class ran smoothly. I had total control over every student.Thank you again for your wealth of knowledge.” – Michael Lee – Stockton CA United States
“Hi David, I have 10 inquiries already  (in the first month) Thanks again” Jay Vallejo – Tipton UK. Thanks for checking on me Dave. – Jay Vallejo – Tipton UK.
“I love the G4 programme David because I believe it is the missing link to my business, I’m learning so much about the running of business through your programme. I’m looking forward to a big year next year.” – Andrew Mutze Sunshine Coast QLD Australia
“I just nailed my past 2 phone sales call with prospective students. Thank you Dave for teaching me how to talk to potential students on the phone, you are the man!” – Adam Wines – Bowie MD USA
I started reading your story and I am enjoying it, .Although, I am not done; that alone is worth the money I paid-seriously!!!” – Roj – Sydney, Australia.

Heya David

Man this has been a roller coaster ride!!! 😀  I feel absolutely inspired in more than one way.  What I really want to say to you as G4Guitar Method Founder is that this / you  have inspired and encouraged me as a teacher/ student and entrepreneur. I knew I was getting sick of live performances, tired of being a cover band. I love encouraging people usually and the G4 Method has given me not only tools to do that musically, but also raised my expectation for my own kids.  Now instead of sending them for drum and vocal lessons with little info coming back like written teachings, or audio files in the past, I now have an expectation for their teachers to be more professional in their delivery of their teachings and products!
G4GUITAR METHOD all the way Baby! 😀 Thanks so much for changing my musical world. – Cynthia Denton – Kyogle NSW Australia 


“I am pretty sure I have signed up every enquiry since the hangout.”  –  Stuart Curran – Melbourne Australia

“Its come to my attention recently that the process of selling G4 Guitar lessons has made me much better at persuasion in general. Once you see the formula of peoples objections to something, its almost like a game. Just had a woman on the phone who had had a poor experience with group classes. I figured out her objection (group was teaching too complex material) and assuaged her fears by telling her that we would tailor it to her skill level. However, this could really be applied to anything. The other thing is it teaches you to hang in there despite your and other people’s discomfort which is a valuable life skill in itself.” – Alex Eldridge Manly Australia.
“I‘ve learned a few very useful lessons that I’m looking forward to implementing” Russell Nollen – Ames, Iowa USA. “From first hand experience with 2 other programs, the G4 program really is about the student and teacher. And focusing on giving a great lesson for the students. In those other programs I felt it was more about how much money can they make off of the teacher who signs up. What a difference!” – Bob Minchin Chicago USA  “Hi David, I’m very impressed with the system that you have developed and also with the in-depth answers you provide to your instructors, it shows me that you really care about helping the people you work with and that you have a tremendous amount of knowledge to share.  The method books alone are well worth the $80 I invested so far. Thanks” Steve Zandonatti.
“David, I would like for you to know that I spoke with some of your clients here in the U.S. the day I purchased your program. They all went on and on about how much they love it and also how helpful and accessible you are. They are certainly correct. Thank you for your interest in my progress and the great support.”  – Mike Clayton – Bolivar MO United States

“Hi David, I have so much out of this already.I hope to continue with G4 and open my own guitar school in the near future. I’m taking the ALCM diploma in guitar in the summer and hope to go full time in autumn. I ran Yamaha guitar schools in the past but their marketing isn’t up to this level as far as I can see. UK is flooded with guitar teachers and various examination boards methods. None of these tell you how to market yourself. Take your money and run so to speak. I was cynical, but you may turn a good guitar playing dreamer into a businessman. Thanks” –  Simon Barkley – Darlington UK

I need to thank you Emma. I just used the script for the first time and I think this was the best inquiry I’ve had. I was in control the whole time and knew what to say and kept them interested. – Joakim (Paddington NSW)
Feeling fantastic today after first 2 students yesterday – adult brother and sister – both shift workers – really enjoyed their first lesson. Then today I had a third one I had tried to avoid – a 77yr old gentlman who wanted a one off lesson before going overseas for 3 weeks. I WAS surprized when he turned up on a Harley with his guitar strapped to his back – cool daddy cool!! He had been learning for about 8 months but seems like the teacher had missed all the basics, and was trying to teach him to play about 10 different songs. Trouble was he was not able to actually sound all the notes of a single chord – only the open strings. He seems keen to come back. I’ve shown him correct position to avoid pain in wrists, and shown him how to isolate, and if he wants to work on a song – just do one at a time and get the chords sounding first. I was terrified to start, but feel much better now and keen to get more flyers out. – Judy Spencer (Brisbane QLD Australia)

“Heya David

Just wanted to let you know I taught 3 students yesterday in a row.. was soo exciting 😀   So far responses are great, kids are loving it and there are more requests coming through. My latest student actually came through first as a request for vocal lessons, but then said yes to the G4 and had her first lesson yesterday and told her mom she loved it. This girl is now on fire 🙂 Have a great day..” – Cynthia Denton – Kyogle NSW Australia
Hi David,
Ok, since I began in June, (email is from Sept so just 4 months) I’ve had 69 enquiries. Out of those, 18 did not book with me, 6 dropped out before subscribing and  4 dropped out after subscribing leaving 41 students just from G4 enquiries (not including my students from before G4). I’ve now stopped teaching at my two primary schools. I could quite easily have had more enquiries, but I deliberately stopped flyering for the last month or so while I re-organised my teaching schedule. 
Jeff Cooke. Perth Australia.
Hi David,
I have started watching the videos and it is making things a lot clearer. I really like the method and have been incorporating the concepts straight away. Isolation etc.
Cheers, Forté.- Adelaide SA.