Failed, Broke Guitar Teacher to 70 Students in 6 months. How?

A guitar teacher who I worked with recently turned his life around using a very simple strategy. I call this strategy the ‘Accountability Method’. Most of us are really poor when it comes to self-accountability. If you doubt this look at the statistics on new year resolutions. Only 12% of people stuck to their resolution and this is usually the big promise we make to ourselves. How about all the small promises we make. I would guess we fail 95% or more of the time. But here is the thing. When we are made accountable the numbers are turned on their head.

Accountability is powerful

Accountability is a strange concept. It seems that we care about what others think much more than we care about what we think about ourselves. We will happily let ourselves down and break promises to ourself without hesitation yet, we do our best to fulfil promises made to others. This is rooted in our evolution because we are a social species. Our social group matters greatly so when we are accountable to our group we will usually follow through. 

Brink of bankruptcy to 70 students in 6 months

So back to the teacher. This teacher whom I’ll call Jack (he prefers to remain anonymous) came to me because he was on the brink of bankruptcy. He only had 5 students and saw no hope of getting any more anytime soon. We began with a business plan analysis followed up with a simple marketing strategy. We also did some sales training and talked about his teaching. Jack was basically a good teacher and his business plan was workable. In other words he already had what he needed to make his guitar teaching business work but there was one big thing missing. A failure to take ACTION. He wasn’t following through. We then arranged to meet every week where he reported the actions he took for the week. I expected him to keep up his end of the bargain which he did and the numbers spoke for themselves.

Its in your DNA

Our DNA is social by design. Rather than trying to force yourself to be accountable let someone else do it. Find a friend or a mentor who will hold you accountable. After all, this is what you do as a guitar teacher for your students right? I am assuming you hold them accountable. STOP trying to fight nature and instead, harness nature’s power. Being accountable to someone other than yourself will literally change your life.

Want to be held accountable?

How serious are you about succeeding as a guitar teacher? If you want to be held accountable check out our options by following this link. G4 GUITAR Teacher Options.

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