With the Internet and YouTube, self-teaching guitar has become more popular than ever. Your average suburban guitar teacher can no longer operate the same way they did pre-Internet. Students have much higher expectations from teachers so as to justify the cost in both time and money for lessons. 

The Internet fails in the 3 key areas

The good news is the Internet fails miserably in 3 key areas which are as follows. 

  • No structure: Firstly the net doesn't do much in terms of organising and structuring the way a student should learn. Its literally a case of information overload especially for the beginner. Teachers are still very valuable in terms of laying out a clear path for students to follow.
  • No sense of progress: Studies show that the most important element to a student staying motivated is a 'sense of progress'. The Internet doesn't do well in this respect. Students often struggle to understand where they are in terms of progress which is connected to the first point, a lack of structure.
  • No accountability: Its human nature to underperform when we have no one to be accountable to. Students instinctively know that a teacher who makes them accountable is a good investment. They may not always like but they do want it.

G4 GUITAR takes full advantage of these 3 key areas in the following ways.

  • Structured Method: The G4 GUITAR METHOD is a complete system of learning guitar for beginners. Students appreciate the structure because it removes confusion and uncertainty. Teachers love G4 because it simplifies their teaching and instills confidence in their students but also raises their profile giving them an edge on other guitar teachers.
  • Sense of progress: The G4 GUITAR METHOD is made up of junior and senior levels (12 in total) that include checklists. This makes it very easy for students and teachers to track progress giving students a sense of progress. As a result, students are less likely to stop lessons and are more likely to refer their friends to G4.
  • Accountability: At G4 GUITAR students are required to meet compulsory minimum practice standards. Many guitar teachers are hesitant in setting strict standards but this often backfires. Some students might not like such standards but when you set standards you attract the right students. By the right students I mean those who become successful and become an endorsement for G4.

Global Franchise

G4 GUITAR is a global guitar teacher franchise network and the first of its kind. We have teachers operating in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Portugal, UK and US. We provide a complete system of teaching and business for guitar teachers who are serious about success.

The Power Of Networking

The G4 GUITAR Network

Networks allow all members to learn and grow exponentially. In network theory the basic rule is the value of the network increases with each new member. This is because every member brings value to the network. In the information age the winners are those with the most connections because connections equal information. Being part of a network like G4 GUITAR allows you access to the information and solutions that apply to your teaching and business.

The Best Of The Best

G4 GUITAR is not for every teacher but is for those who want to stand out from the crowd. We bring together over 30 years of collective experience from guitar teachers from around the world. We combine this with the knowledge and experience of some of the most successful businesses of the past and present. Our aim has always been to seek out the best knowledge and information from the best people in the areas of teaching, coaching and business. If your aim is to be part of a world class group of teachers G4 might be for you.

Who Am I? 

My name is David Hart and I am the founder and CEO of G4 GUITAR.  My parents were young when I was born when I was born in the 60’s and were into the music scene at the time. My father didn’t allow TV which meant music was really our only source of entertainment. My father was always buying the latest rock n roll records from artists like The Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, The Who, Paul McCartney, Led Zeppelin, PinkFloyd and so on. I would literally wear out the records because I couldn’t get enough of them. I was addicted to music. It was my greatest pleasure in life.

As a teen I started learning drums and later guitar. I was very fortunate as I now realise because both my first drum teacher and first guitar teacher were amazing. They were truly gifted teachers who inspired me to later teach. Looking back I can see they had the rare and special qualities very few teachers possess. I also had some excellent school teachers but music being my passion I guess my music lessons had a greaterimpact.I first began teaching while still in school after my school musicteacher asked me to take over the lunch time guitar group class. There were usually 5 to 10 students who would come togetheronce a week to learn guitar and I would show them whatever I knew based on my 2 years of self teaching and 2 months oflessons with my teacher. It wasn’t much but it was goodexperience and I was naive enough to be unaware of mylimitations on guitar and teaching. Ignorance is bliss as theysay. I wasn’t being paid so it was okay. It was really just about sharing my own passion for guitar with others more so thanteaching.In my last year of school I began to take on the occasionalstudent for money. At first it felt strange and awkward becauseI was happy to do it for free but my first student offered to pay me. I don’t recall exactly what was said but I just remember accepting and my guitar teaching career began. At the time I was gigging several nights a week and I was not seriously considering teaching guitar as a career. It was simply to earn a few extra dollars on the side.

Fast forward two years and I found myself living in a shared apartment with around 30 students turning up every week. I was working a full time in retail while playing gigs on the weekends. It was a crazy schedule and I knew something had to give. I ended up quitting my full time job and getting a part time retail job, teaching during the week and gigs in between. Oh and I was also studying audio engineering at the SAE. It soon became apparent that my apartment was getting too busy so I moved my teaching to a commercial office down the road. I included a small shop selling music books andaccessories and two teaching rooms. I hired a second guitar teacher and a keyboard teacher. I later sold the business, traveled to the U.S. for a year and returned to start a new business. In 1993 I opened a brand new music school called BMP Music which I later renamed ‘Learn2Play Music’ in Caringbah, Sydney Australia. The music school is still thriving as of this writing. I operated the school until 2003 at which point I sold it and again took a break but this time for two years. Although the school was a success in itself I ran into cash flow problems and realised it was not ideally what I was wanting at the time. I wanted to get back to focusing on teaching guitar so I embarked on a brand new project.

In 2005 I launched a new guitar school in Sydney Australia called G4 GUITAR. I had no money and only a credit card with about $5000 in credit. Failure was not an option yet I was very confident my new school would work but it didn’t turn out quite like I expected. My initial hope was about 50 students which I later adjusted to 100 students in 2 to 3 years. I figured 100 students in groups would put me on a good income allowing me to balance my teaching with having ‘an actual life’. At that point I had spent close to 20 years running music schools working at times 80+ hours a week. This time was going to be different. My limit was 20 hours a week of teaching and it had to be in groups.

So what happened?

G4 GUITAR went viral. Over 3000 students in 2 years many whom were placed on our waiting list. It was overwhelming to say the least. At one point we were getting up to 10 enquiries a day which exceeded all expectations. In hindsight it now makes sense and could have been predicted based on the business strategy we were applying. I went from broke in 2005 to operating a world wide guitar school franchise today. Its been an amazing journey so far but I believe the best is yet to come. We are now on a quest to find suitable guitar teachers to join us.

Interested In Teaching Guitar With G4 GUITAR?

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