The Best Way To Get More Guitar Students

Are you disappointed with your POOR marketing RESULTS?
Had enough of WASTING MONEY on under-performing ads?
Do you want ‘WOW’ marketing that inspires ACTION?
Are you seeking the BEST easy way to get results FAST?
If you answered YES to the above READ ON!
Imagine if your marketing got amazing results not from luck but because it was EXACTLY what guitar students were looking for. Imagine if your marketing was like a beacon ATTRACTING students from far and wide. Well I am here to tell you this is not just possible but very few guitar teachers are doing it. In FACT I don’t know of any guitar teachers who use the method I am about to share with you. I have used it for years and continue to get great results for both myself and my clients.

So what’s the BIG Secret?

The secret to successful marketing and growing your students is simple and in a word is ‘TESTING’. 

MOST guitar teacher DO NOT test.

What most guitar teachers do is usually one of two things.
1. They guess. That’s right. They just suddenly decide something is a good idea and stick with it. In some cases they get lucky but in most cases they STOP advertising because they either run out of money or realise they are WASTING their money.
2. They take advice from one source. Far too often guitar teachers will take all or most of their marketing advice from one person. They follow the advice they are given religiously and never bother to test the advice. This is dangerous because  even if the advice worked for the person giving it, it does not mean it will work for you.

Why You Must Continually TESTING Your Marketing

Its important to listen to experts and learn from their experience but don’t use it as an excuse for not testing. Today’s rapidly changing world does not allow you to be complacent. People’s eyeballs are in high demand and the marketing landscape is constantly shifting as a result of competition. Facebook, Google, Youtube and a million apps are competing to get people’s attention. When and if you get there attention you need to capture their interest FAST. I am talking about seconds or even milliseconds. If your headline doesn’t jump out at them YOU LOSE!

How Testing Results Leads To Success

W. Edwards Deming once said “You should not ask questions without knowledge.” A good salesperson knows they need to ask question before presenting their product but, a great salesperson knows they need to research their potential client even before asking questions. Testing is about finding out who your potential students are first. Once you understand who they are you are better able to serve their needs. Knowing who your potential students are through testing helps you in several ways. Firstly you are able to understand the communication style of your potential students so you can communicate in the RIGHT WAY and secondly you are able to IMPROVE your actual PRODUCT (lessons) to suit their needs. When you neglect testing you will fail on all counts. You’ll be shouting the WRONG message about an UNWANTED product to the WRONG people. When you test you overcome these problems.

The Amazon Success Story

Jeff Bezos of Amazon credits his success to testing. In fact he has probably ran more tests in the last 10 years than any other online business. Bezos knows that without constant testing someone else will come along and out test him. Almost all of the biggest success stories are the result of testing. This applies to guitar players. Hendrix, Page, Clapton, The Beatles, Van Halen, Vai, Satch, Petrucci are all musical innovators. Their real secret to success is testing. There is almost a direct correlation between the number of tests you run and the success you experience.

Where Do You Start?

While I am recommending testing I also recommend you begin by listening to the experts. Start with their advice but TEST, TEST TEST their advice. Don’t just assume they are right. What worked yesterday won’t necessarily work today.  So to get you started I want to offer you a FREE assessment of your website. I have been testing guitar lesson marketing since the early 1980’s. I LOVE TESTING. I will be able to assess your website and recommend changes based on 30+ years of experience.
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Do You Want Better Results?

My name is David Hart and I own and operate the G4 GUITAR Teacher Global Network. My goal is to help guitar teachers grow their student numbers through effective marketing practices. I use Facebook, Adwords along with offline marketing strategies. The advice I deliver to members is based on ongoing tests and proven results and will improve your business I guarantee it.
To learn more visit G4 GUITAR Teacher Options.
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