How To Go Viral On Facebook

Firstly let me say this is not just another blog with typical tips on Facebook posting like include a pic and test your title blah blah blah. I want to give you some of the lesser known tips that I have found to work. The science of going viral has been studied in depth in recent years and I believe its the key to success in business. When it comes to going viral there is probably no better platform than Facebook so here are my tips on helping your teaching to go viral on the world’s biggest social media platform.

1. Focus on your loyal followers

Your current loyal audience no matter how small are the ones who will make or break you so focus on their interests first. Its better to have 10 raving fans than 1000 casual observers. Raving fans ignite others to follow you whereas casual observers are just that, casual observers.

2. The Donald Trump effect

Most people aim for the middle. If you are not annoying people you are probably sitting firmly in the middle. I am not saying you need to be offensive but take a stand especially on controversial issues. If you want a great example look at Donald Trump. He is upsetting minorities left right and centre but he is getting all the attention. 

3. Stick to a theme

Your posts should have an underlying theme. Often people are not looking for something new from you. They are in fact looking for reassurance and reminders. Think of famous pop musicians. Their songs tend to be much the same. This is because they know their audience wants more of the same. They want a certain level of predictability. 

4. Riding the coattails of current trends

Research current trends to find the hot topics. Put your twist on to the hot topic taking your theme into consideration. For example Donald Trump is big news as of this post and you can see I have tied him into this post. Trump and guitar teaching are worlds apart but I still managed to include him.

5. Get personal

Be yourself and show yourself. Doing short videos or including a pic of you or your students or local landmarks will make you feel more real. Your followers will feel like they know you and when when people know you studies show they are more likely to trust and like you.

6. Research your fans

The great thing about Facebook is the amount of information you can gather on your followers. Look into the profiles of your most loyal fans to see if there are some common themes. For example they might all like one particular band. Try looking for news on the band and see how they react to your posts. 

7. Run some Facebook ads

Facebook ads allow you to test to a wider audience quicker. Time is money so instead of waiting for weeks or months spend some money to see what people respond to. You’ll grow your audience and your knowledge of what works much faster which will result in profits sooner.

8. Run experiments 

Don’t be afraid to run experiments. You might lose a few people a long the way but thats okay. Most of the fast growing success stories I have read about occurred through experimentation. Usually hundreds or thousands of experiments were ran before they became successful. Facebook, Google, Amazon are all great examples and they all continued to experiment. 

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