10 Big Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Working

Your website is the ‘MOST IMPORTANT’ component of your marketing. The reason is because almost every potential student will visit your website and will make a decision usually within seconds as to whether to contact you. To help I offer guitar teachers a website marketing report. Below is one such example which you can use as a checklist for your own website. If you would like a free marketing report for your website check the bottom of this page.

Are you MAXIMISING the highest value realestate?

The visible area of a website without scrolling down is referred to as ‘above the fold’ and is highly valuable. The top 20% is often wasted with a low impact pic because this is how many templates are  preloaded. The close up pic of a guitar looks nice but its unemotional. Its generally best to use a pic of an ideal student here followed by a clear headline.

Is your website COSTING you valuable inquiries?

Your website is an early design that was popular about 10 years ago. Websites have evolved significantly over the last decade. What used to cost tens of thousands of dollars can now be picked up for less than $100 as a template. Having a dated website design can be problematic. Firstly visitors might assume you aren’t even active. Secondly your competitors websites will be much more attractive so even if your message is great people judge quickly. In most cases in a matter of seconds or even milliseconds. Thirdly Google tracks this data and if your site has a high bounce rate you will rank lower in searches.

The important HEADLINE! “Want To Know The Best Way To Learn Guitar Fast?”

Your website does not have a headline. I recommend all websites have one clear headline which should be your most appealing headline targeted at your ideal student. E.g. Parent of a beginner child or beginner adult.

Are you MISSING 90% of the market?

Your website feels like its appealing to the adult intermediate to advanced player. Beginners are the main market especially for a local suburban teacher. Advanced players tend to seek out the handful of well known teachers online. Even if they do sign up with you most don’t stick around long. They learn your signature licks and tricks and move on. Focus your site on appealing to beginners first and you’ll get more inquiries and students who will stick around for years.

Who is your IDEAL STUDENT and what do they look like?

I recommend a pic of your ideal student rather than pic of you in the prime position. Your site is about the student so having a pic of student allows them to connect better with your website. When we make it about us especially early it can feel intimidating. Many potential students will click off your page at this point.

Too many choices and ideas can be CONFUSING!

Your website is essentially a sales page leading to one action. For guitar teachers that should ideally be a student  inquiry. The form should be on the top right and for a local suburban guitar teacher  it should be a contact form not a subscription form as you have now. You will miss out on inquiries because most people won’t want to subscribe to you. Building a subscription list has its place but thats another story.

Include your prices to BUILD TRUST

Some marketers tout the idea of not including your price. This is true in certain cases where you are a unique established brand. Think luxury items like Ferrari or Rolex. In the case of  guitar teachers trying to grow and maximise inquiries its not a good strategy. My tests have shown that being upfront about your price will yield better results. Knowing your price builds trust and leads them to being more interested in your value proposition. You are offering a free trial with no price which can feel like a trap to many people. Try an offer with a money back guarantee as this will usually result in more inquiries.

TEST your questions. A PROVEN strategy used by successful marketers

The questions you are asking are a proven strategy so work well but on testing them on the headline analyser they all scored below the recommended 70. I strongly recommend you test different variations. You can do this on Facebook or Adwords for a small investment. Simply place your questions in the ads and see which one performs better. Keep AB testing to find which lines perform the best.
Here are some of the questions on the teacher’s website put to the test on the Headline Analyser. The top line with the higher green score is my improved headline suggestion verses the lower score below with the teacher’s headline. A few small changes can make a HUGE difference to your websites over all performance.
Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 8.39.19 AM

Do your headlines pass the ‘SCROLL TEST’?

Many people will scan your site only reading the headlines. These headlines should therefore be compelling. The more you can get a visitor to stop and read your headline the better. Each time you are drawing them into your story and they are basically giving you another chance to sell them on your lessons.

The HIDDEN VALUE at the bottom of webpage

I recommend you also include your contact details and another contact form at the bottom if possible. You want to make it easy for them and forcing them to scroll back up to the top to find your details will often cost you inquiries.

Summing up…

These are just a few recommendations but the important point is to keep testing. Test your headlines, your pics, your text, your colours, offers etc. Never stop testing. Your website is where 95% of all potential students will start so make sure you give your website the love and attention it deserves.

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