Are You Praising The Wrong Student Behaviours?

There is a quote I think from Carol Dweck “Acknowledge effort, reward results”. A good way to think about it is like the hot/cold game. Acknowledging the right effort as hotter and wrong effort as colder. The reward is the prize at the end. This means acknowledging effort that is not real effort only results […]

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What Is Self-handicapping And How Does It Affect Your Teaching?

While reading the book ‘Blackbox Thinking’ I came across a theory known as self-handicapping. “Self-handicapping is a cognitive strategy by which people avoid effort in the hopes of keeping potential failure from hurting self-esteem. It was first theorized by Edward E. Jones and Steven Berglas, according to whom self-handicaps are obstacles created, or claimed, by […]

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How To Get 1000’s Of Free Visitors To Your Website – Interview with Christoper Sutton

Christopher is a lifelong music lover. Determined to become “musical,” he took lessons in cello, clarinet, piano, saxophone, and electric guitar, and sang in numerous choirs and ensemble groups. Despite reaching proficiency with the instruments, for a long time he still didn’t feel “musical” like the apparent naturals he saw around him. Through many years […]

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